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Another Important Step – Trailhead Module – Navigate the Salesforce Advantage

Aha!!!. This time I need to review a new Salesforce Trailhead module – Navigate the Salesforce Advantage. This time it is not any more battleship, rather it looks to me Pirate ship. This Pirate ship will navigate us through the sea – The Salesforce Advantage sea.This trail is for beginners in Admin, Developer, Business User scope. Once you complete this trail, you will be aware of the key differentiator that makes Salesforce unique and successful. At the same time, you will understand Salesforce’s core values, innovative technology, and vibrant ecosystem.The first module: Salesforce Success ModelThis module comes with two submodules. The first submodule – “Getting to Know Salesforce” explains what is salesforce and how salesforce will be benefits for business. The second submodule – “Introducing our Four Core Differentiators” explains the importance of customer success in Salesforce. Here we are having the Salesforce’s 1-1 model of Giving back. Once you complete this module, you will be awarded with the below badge: The second module: Salesforce Cloud BenefitsLike the above one, this module also comes with two submodules. The first submodule – “Succeeding with a Complete CRM” explains a very basic questions – Whether Salesforce is an app or a platform? At the same time, this submodule explains how Salesforce’s Complete CRM evolves with customer’s requirements. The second submodule – “Propelling Your Business with the Cloud” explains the basic of...

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Trailhead brings more excitement with new modules and trails

Few days back, Trailhead released 1 new trail and 6 new trailhead badges. All the tutorials are awesome. Last night, I have completed few of them and I am really impressed with the contents of the tutorials. To me, Salesforce’s Trailhead is the best online training material we can have to learn Salesforce.I will explain what you will learn after completing these new modules.Apex Integration Services -While integrating Salesforce with other system, the key challenge for developers is the lack of knowledge regarding the different possibilities available to integrate platform with external systems. This new module is providing the easy step by step approach to learn the options available. The exercises are really challenging and it is highly recommended to crack the exercises to make sure you understood he concept clearly.Apex REST, SOAP and Web Services are explained in really great way. Though Trailhead is telling that it will take 2 hours to complete this module, but I recommend to understand the concept very clearly and crack the exercises even if it is taking longer than 2 hours for you.Link – Apex Integration ServicesAdvance Formulas -This module is truely amazing. I think once you complete this module, understand the concept, practice the examples and crack the exercises, you can mark yourself Salesforce Formula Expert. This module is part of the new Trailhead trail – Advanced Admin. As part of this...

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Another Powerful Trailhead module – Event Monitoring

Salesforce introduces Trailhead – a fun way to learn Salesforce. It doesn’t matter whether you are Salesforce Admin or Salesforce developer, there are bunch of modules available for your based on your career path. The more modules you complete, you will get more badges and those badges will be attached to your profile. So you can see yourself going stronger and stronger day by day. That is the primary goal of using Salesforce Trailhead – Make yourselves a better Salesforce Admin or a better Salesforce Developer.To achieve your goal, Salesforce Trailhead team recently introduces three new admin modules –Admin TrailGet Ready for Dreamforce TrailEvent Monitoring moduleOut of these above three modules, the module which really looks very interesting to me is the Event Monitoring module. I immediately jumped into it and completed the same. Once completed, I have realized the power of event monitoring. Monitoring event is so important to a Salesforce Admin. In my daily day to day to work, I normally receive so many requests which now I can answer quickly with the help of event monitoring.Let me tell you what makes this module so interesting.This module consists of three sub modules as shown below –The first sub-module – Get Started with Event Monitoring –This sub-module explains the basic like what is event monitoring, what are different types of events present, use cases where event monitoring should be...

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Lightning strikes Trailhead – Fun way to learn Lightning

Trailhead is one of my favourite approach to learn new stuffs from Salesforce in an interactive way. I highly recommend employers to encourage all it’s developers and administrators to check trailhead and learn new stuffs.Trailhead brings a new module “Lightning Components” which will help developers to understand lightning concepts. In today’s post, I will review this new module “Lightning Components”.This module comes with 9 different sub modules. All the sub modules are organised so well that at the end of 9th sub module, you will feel really comfortable and at the same time feel the power of lightning which will definitely inspire you to explore the unexplored world.Let’s start discussing each sub module.Sub Module 1: Getting Started with Lightning Components -This is the first sub module which will give you an overview of Lightning Components. By the end of this module you will understand below important concepts -What is all about Lightning Component Framework?Difference between Lightning and VisualforceWhat are the different places where you can use the Lightning Component framework?This sub module mainly tells you how you can go for component based development. Google is having Polymer, Facebook is having React and now Salesforce is also having Lightning Framework – Component based development.After completing the challenge, you can earn 100 points.Sub Module 2: Creating Components -This is the module where you will get familiar with creating lightning components, adding...

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