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Display Flow Stages with Progress Indicator in Flow Screen

Do you know that now you can show your flow’s progress by writing a simple aura component that will track flow stages and display the progress? In this post, I am going to show you how you can quickly configure this in your flow. Create the Aura ComponentThe good news is that Salesforce already provides the code which you can reuse and create your own Aura component. You can get the code here.Creating the FlowYou need to create a screen flow. Configuration steps are given below -Create StagesFor the flow we will be creating, let’s assume we have three stages as -Stage: About Me with Order: 10Stage: Upload Photo with Order: 20Stage: Update Address with Order: 30Below is the screenshot of the “About Me” stage. You can create other stages the same way, just remember the order as this will define how the stages will be displayed on your flow screen.Create the First ScreenNow you can create the first screen and add the lightning aura component which you have already created as mentioned in the first step. The aura component which I developed is “DisplayProgress”.API Name – You can put any nameCurrent Stage – {!$Flow.CurrentStage}Stages – {!$Flow.ActiveStages}Manually assign variables (advanced) – This should be checkedNote – Do not put anything under “Store Output Values to Select Variables”Create the AssignmentNow when your user will click next on the first screen, you will move...

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Show Your Data in Datatable, Map or Tile Format Inside Flow

In this post, I am going to show you one of the most powerful AppExchange flow solutions built by Salesforce Labs. If you ever needed to display a collection of records in some format, mostly in datatable format to the user and provide options to the user to select records from that list and finally perform some actions based on those selected records, then this AppExchange pre-built flow solution is your going to be your friend. 😃Check out my youtube channel for more Salesforce Videos here.All about Salesforce Release – Spring 21 hereThe name of the solution is Flow Datagrid Pack. With this solution, you have the power now to display your collection of records in three different formats -Data Grid – Basically displays the records in a multi-select datatable.Tile Grid – Displays in multi-select (configurable) tiles format.Map Grid – Displays multi-select markers on map where you need to display records on the map. Ex: Display a list of accounts in Ontario within the map.Let’s configure this flow solution for a basic use case.Use Case:Need a solution where all the contacts from an account will be displayed in datatable and the user can select from the list. Based on the selected contacts, only those contacts should be displayed on the next screen.Solution – Flow:I build the below flow using the Flow Datagrid pack.Here are the steps -Fetch Associated ContactsIn this...

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How to choose correct Process Automation tool || Process Builder vs. Visual Workflow vs. Workflow vs. Approval Process

With process automation, we now have multiple solutions available which we can use to implement the requirements. The solutions that we have are -Lightning Process BuilderVisual WorkflowWorkflowApprovalsWith so many options, it brings responsibilities as well to the developer to decide which tool to use. In this post, I will try to provide a comparative study on which tool is best based on some situations. But at the end, it is upto you as a developer to decide and select the best tool available. I hope this post will help you to take the decision.Let’s start with the easy one -Approval Process ::As the same suggests, whenever you need to take approval actions, you need to go for Approval process. This is an automated solution which will work based on the record creation or record value change. Below are few important points about approval process -Complexity of Approval process is very simple. It can support only one if/then statement.It doesn’t support time-based approval process i.e. trigger the approval after 24 hours or something like that. It is a complete real-time solution.Approval process can’t call Apex code or delete any records.But Approval process can create only Tasks (nothing else).Approval Process can update the same record or it’s parent.Workflow :;Workflow is the automation tool which should be used when you need to take action based record creation or record’s value change. Below are few important points...

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