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Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification Tips

I took Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification exam on 31st Jan’17 and cleared it. In this post, I am going to write down how I approached this certification and my study materials as well.First, to start you, you need the Salesforce Advanced Administration Certification guide. You can download the same from here. The exam format is -Number of questions: 63Type of questions: Multiple-ChoicePassing Score: 65%Time: 90 MinutesSo basically you need to answer ~41 questions correctly. Note – You need to clear Salesforce Certified Administration Certification before this certification. Strategy:I followed the below strategy by reviewing the certification guide and bucketing the items based on their weightages. This is the formula I followed, topics with more than 10% weightage are my priority items and rest of the items are kind of last minute items to check. With the above strategy, I came up with the below list -Security and AccessSales Cloud ApplicationsService Cloud ApplicationsData ManagementChange ManagementAnalytics, Reports and DashboardsProcess AutomationBut definitely, I was not sure whether I can answer all the questions correctly from above lists. So my backup plan was to make myself comfortable with the below items as well -Extending Custom Objects and ApplicationsAuditoring and MonitoringThese two sections are comparatively very easy and easily you can answer all the questions correctly. The only section which I was not sure and didn’t put any effort at all was – Content Management....

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Products and Price Books in Salesforce

Define your Product:A Product is a service or item that the company sells to the customers. Once you have added the Products, you can set the price of the product per unit based on your business. In Salesforce, Product is a Standard object having standard fields and tabs. You can add your custom fields to customize Product object as per your business requirement. Products can be added to the Opportunity allowing you to have an correct inventory and also make your forecasting accurate.What is Price Book:The Price Book will provide the list of products and their prices per unit. You can create multiple price books to maintain different prices for the same product based on your business needs. Salesforce will always provide your a Standard Price Book. The moment you add a Product into Salesforce and set the price of the Product, that Product will go into Standard Price Book. But you can create Custom Price Book as well.Use case of Custom Price Book:Let’s say, the company “Universal Company” is selling the product – “Desktop Mouse” globally. The company is running it’s business from Canada. But company is selling products globally. Now when this company is selling “Desktop Mouse” within Canada, the price is USD 12.00, but when it is selling the same product in Europe, the price is USD 19.00 (due to extra shipping cost), similarly then the...

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Apex Debugger || All you need to know || Basic Configuration

Finally, Salesforce brings Debugging feature. I was waiting for this one for a long time and I am quite sure that many other developers like me also waited for this one.Today in this post, I would like to explain how you can use this feature and make your Salesforce developer life more powerful.Before I start, I would like to mention that this feature is not available in Developer orgs, it is only available in Sandboxes. You need to contact Salesforce to enable this feature in your Sandboxes. There is cost involved in getting this one enabled. To know about the cost, please contact Salesforce.With the assumptions that you have enabled this feature in your Sandbox, you need to setup your Sandbox as well as your Eclipse workplace. Below are the steps mentioned in Salesforce guide -Setup Sandbox for Apex Debugger -Setup IDE -First you need to Install or Update IDE plugin as instructed below -Once done, create a Salesforce project as instructed here. Note – Make sure you mark your Eclipse project as work online.Setup Eclipse Debugger -This is the most important step where you need to setup your Eclipse Debugger. To do that -Click on the Debug Icon in the toolbar and select Debug Configuration. Select Remote Apex DebuggerClick on the New Launch Configuration IconGive some name of your configurationClick Browse and select your projectClick Apply, and...

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Another Important Step – Trailhead Module – Navigate the Salesforce Advantage

Aha!!!. This time I need to review a new Salesforce Trailhead module – Navigate the Salesforce Advantage. This time it is not any more battleship, rather it looks to me Pirate ship. This Pirate ship will navigate us through the sea – The Salesforce Advantage sea.This trail is for beginners in Admin, Developer, Business User scope. Once you complete this trail, you will be aware of the key differentiator that makes Salesforce unique and successful. At the same time, you will understand Salesforce’s core values, innovative technology, and vibrant ecosystem.The first module: Salesforce Success ModelThis module comes with two submodules. The first submodule – “Getting to Know Salesforce” explains what is salesforce and how salesforce will be benefits for business. The second submodule – “Introducing our Four Core Differentiators” explains the importance of customer success in Salesforce. Here we are having the Salesforce’s 1-1 model of Giving back. Once you complete this module, you will be awarded with the below badge: The second module: Salesforce Cloud BenefitsLike the above one, this module also comes with two submodules. The first submodule – “Succeeding with a Complete CRM” explains a very basic questions – Whether Salesforce is an app or a platform? At the same time, this submodule explains how Salesforce’s Complete CRM evolves with customer’s requirements. The second submodule – “Propelling Your Business with the Cloud” explains the basic of...

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