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TypeScript Setup

Below are the tools you need to set up with the environment to start writing TypeScript code: Node.js – Node.js is the environment in which you will run the TypeScript compiler. TypeScript compiler – a Node.js module that compiles TypeScript into JavaScript. If you use JavaScript for node.js, you can install the ts-node module. It is a TypeScript execution and REPL for node.js Visual Studio Code – It is a code editor that supports TypeScript. However, you can use your favourite editor. If you use VS Code, you can install the following extension to speed up the development process: Live Server...

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Introduction to TypeScript

What is TypeScript A superset of JavaScript is TypeScript. The foundation for TypeScript is JavaScript. You begin by writing the TypeScript code. The TypeScript code is then converted into standard JavaScript code using a TypeScript compiler. Once you have the basic JavaScript code, you can use it anywhere JavaScript is supported. TypeScript files use the .ts extension rather than the .js extension of JavaScript files. In addition to using JavaScript syntaxes, TypeScript also introduces new syntaxes to support types. A TypeScript program is one that is written in JavaScript and doesn’t have any syntax errors. It means that all JavaScript programs are TypeScript...

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