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Solution Management in Salesforce Part I

Solution in Salesforce is nothing but the detailed description of customer issues along with their solutions. The intention of the concept “Solution” in Salesforce is to make the service provided to customers quicker and efficient. Salesforce comes with a Solution tab from which is a centralised repository of all the solutions. From this tab only Sales Rep can easily search solutions and provides quick service to customer – leading more customer satisfaction.Solution Managers, Administrator and users with appropriate permission can create, review and categorise solutions. They can publish solution to Self – Service Portal and make the solution Public.Note – By default, Solutions are created and displayed in text. But you can make it in HTML by -Click Setup | Customize | Solutions | Solution SettingsClick on Edit buttonSelect the checkbox “Enable HTML Solutions”. (Important: Once HTML Solution is enabled, it can’t be disabled).Solution support multilingual support. You can enable it by -Click Setup | Customize | Solutions | Solution SettingsClick on Edit buttonSelect the checkbox “Enable Multilingual Solutions”.Solution Manager – A Solution Manager is the member of the organisation who can review, edit, public Solutions to Self Service Portal or public knowledge base. You can make a User a Solution Manager by -Click on Setup | Manager Users | Users.Click Edit next to the user.Select Solution Manager from the profile picklist.Click on Save.There is another way of granting a user “Solution Manager” by creating...

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How to refer VisualForce Elements from jQuery / JavaScript

Normally we use JavaScript with webpages. When we build VisualForce pages, there also we use JavaScript to add functionality. But the way we should refer VisualForce elements from JavaScript is little different. Normally people faces problem while locating the VisualForce elements from JavaScript and sometimes the way people refer VisualForce elements from JavaScript is not the best way to do (which definitely leads to many other problems/issues in future). So in this post, I will go one by one so that we can understand the problem and then we will identify the solutions to overcome that problem. At the end of this post, we will know the best practice. Sounds great, right!!!I am super excited, so let’s start –Case 1:Normally a VisualForce page will be converted into HTML by Salesforce. During this conversion process, Salesforce uses a hierarchy to build ID values for page elements. Normally we get the reference of an element by ID in JavaScript in document.getElementById(‘ID Name’). But if we follow the same in VisualForce page, it will not work. Let’s see with an example:Let’s consider the below VisualForce page:<apex:page id=”page”> <apex:form id=”form”> What is your name? <p/> <apex:inputText id=”name” onfocus=”myFunc()”/> </apex:form> <apex:includeScript value=”{!URLFOR($Resource.jQuery1_11, ‘/js/jquery-1.11.2.min.js’)}”/> <script> var j$=jQuery.noConflict(); function myFunc(){ var inputTextCatched = document.getElementById(‘name’); inputTextCatched.value = “Sudipta Deb”; } </script></apex:page>In the above example  document.getElementById(‘name’);will not work and will return no result. The reason behind is that...

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Admin Notes — What a Delegate Administrator can do?

Delegate Administrator is a very important option available in Salesforce which will help Administrator to delegate his/her tasks to selected people thus allowing them to keep focused on few other important areas.You can -Manage delegate administrator – if you have “Customize Application” permission. Become delegate administrator – if you have “View Setup and Configuration” permission. But we should know what a delegate administrator can do -Create and edit users in a specified role and subordinate roles including password reset, setting quota, creating personal groups for those users,  creating default opportunity team. Unlock users. Assign users specified roles and permissions. Login as user who have granted login access to administrator. Manage custom objects. To create a delegated group, click Security Controls | Delegated Administration and then click...

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Admin Notes — Importing + Extracting Data in Salesforce | Possible Options

Importing Data:                Salesforce provides wizards to import data for accounts and contacts, leads, solutions and custom objects.·         Import Wizards are online·         Administrator can import data for the entire organization.·         Users with “Import Personal Contacts” permission can import their own accounts and contacts from Your Name | My Settings | Import | Import My Accounts & Contacts·         Users with “Import Leads” or “Import Solutions” permissions can access respective wizards from Setup | Data Management | Import <Object Name>·         With Import Wizard max 50,000 data can be imported.·         Data format should be CSV.·         With Import Wizard, user can choose whether to add new records/update existing records/Add new and Update existing records.·         Unified interface of Import Wizard (Data Import Wizard) can be accessed from Your Name | My Settings | Import | Data Import Wizard.·         With Data Import Wizard, user is having the option to enable/disable workflow.Consideration before preparing the Import File:                As an administrator, you need to ensure the data is clean by -·         Checking data meet system and custom validation requirements. (Note: If a particular record fails data validation rule, import will fail for that particular record. Rest of the records will be imported).·         Universally required fields should be there in the CSV file for the new records. Otherwise import will fail for that particular record. Rest of the records will be imported. Owner field should be there in the...

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Admin Notes — Freezing and Deactivating a User in Salesforce

Freezing the User Record:                Freezing the user record means to temporary not allow the user to access the company’s confidential information. So it is basically temporary suspending the user so that as an Administrator you can do more work before deactivating the user. It will not make the user licenses available for use inside the organization. Freezed users can be unfreezed also.Deactivating a User:                Deactivating a particular user record means that user will no longer be able to access company’s confidential information. When a user is deactivated, their user licenses become available. Inactive users can still own all their data. As an administrator, you can transfer the ownership of the data. Typically, ownership of inactive users kept as it is to track the history later. Deactivating a user will remove the user from all delegated groups and sharing privileges. During deactivation process, you will have the option to keep/remove the deactivated user from the team. Deactivating a user may fail due to below reasons-·         If the user is an assigned leads or cases as part of Assignment rule.·         Sole recipient of a workflow email alert.·         Default workflow user.·         Default lead owner.·         Default case...

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