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Summer ’21 Flow New Features

If you are a Salesforce Flow fan, I am sure like me, Summer 21 release is going to excite you as well. In this blog post, I am sharing all the new flow features that are now available with Summer 21 and how we can take advantage of these.I will be sharing a video as well explaining these features at the end of this post. So if you prefer watching videos, click here or you can continue reading this post first and then watch the video later.Note – I will be covering Salesforce Summer 21 release new features in upcoming...

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Salesforce Summer ’21 Release Dates and Preview Information

 Salesforce Summer ’21 Release is coming up and I am sure like me, you are also super excited to explore all the cool features that Salesforce will bring along with this release. I will definitely cover items from Salesforce Summer ’21 release in my upcoming posts. But right now, the information we all are looking for – When Summer ’21 release will be applied to my production org?When Summer ’21 release will be applied to my sandboxes?How can I register for pre-release org?What are the new features coming up with this release?When Summer ’21 release will be applied to my Production org?This is a very important thing to know as you need to test Summer ’21 release in your sandboxes making sure all your configuration/customizations are working fine before this date. Depending on your instance of Salesforce, the release date can be different. Main release weekends are below, so your instance will be migrated into Summer ’21 in any of these below dates.May 15th, 2021June 4th, 2021June 11-12th, 2021To know the instance of your Salesforce, you can go to Setup -> Company information, and there you will get to know about the instance.With that information, you can go to Salesforce Trust. Enter the instance name at the top of the search bar, and then click on the instance. Once open, you can click on Maintenance Tab and find the release...

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