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Solution Management in Salesforce Part V – Import Solutions

Importing Solution in salesforce is very simple but powerful feature. If you have comma separated value (CSV) files, then you can import that file into Salesforce.  You need to make sure that the file you are going to import is ready by -Salesforce Field: “Solution Title” ==> Label for Import File: “Title”Salesforce Field: “Solution Details” ==> Label for Import File: “Body”Follow the steps to import -Click on Setup | Data Management | Import Solutions.Click Start the Import Wizard!Follow the steps to import.That’s...

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Solution Management in Salesforce Part IV – Automation

Automation in Solution is another important topic. It is actually used to let the Solution Manager know that a new Solution is created in the organisation. We can have a look how we can automate this process with workflow. Again I always believe in Use Cases as use cases are the best way to understand a concept in Salesforce. So here comes the Use Case -Use Case -In the organisation “XYZ Corporation”, Jonathan Sasse is the Solution Manager. He should be notified through an email every time a new Solution is created in the organisation.Implementation -Create a new email template first with the name “New Solution notification to Solution Manager” as – Create Workflow Rule -Click on Setup | Build | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Workflow Rules.Click Continue.Click New Rule.Choose Solution from the dropdown for the object and click on Next.Select Rule Name as “Notify Solution Manager” and put description as “Workflow rule to notify Solution Manager when a new rule is created.”.Under Evaluation Criteria, selected Created radio button.Under Rule Criteria, select Run this rule if the following criteria are metChoose Solution: Solution Status equals Draft as shown below -Click Save & Next.Click Add Workflow Action | New Email AlertPut “Send email to Solution Manager” as description. Then select the newly created email template i.e. New Solution notification to Solution Manager.For Recipient Type Search for User and select Jonathan...

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Solution Management in Salesforce Part III – Solution Category

Solution Category is used to keep the solution organised and it will help Users/Sales Rep to find the solutions quickly.Define Solution Category -You can define Solution Category by -Click on Setup | Customize | Solutions | Solution Categories.Click “Add Solution Category” to add a category under the parent category.Enter the Category Name.Choose the subcategory sort order.Click Save.Important: Clicking on Del will delete the category, but solutions associated with that category will not be deleted.Categorizing Solutions -Administrator and user with “Manage Categories” permission can categorize existing solutions. But once Solution category browsing is enabled, all users with appropriate permission(Manage Categories) can categorize solutions. Below are the steps -View the solution you want to categorizeClick Select Categories in the Solution Categories related list.Click Save.Enable Category Browsing -This feature will allow users to search solutions by category from the Solution tab or while resolving cases. Once can enable this by -Click on Setup | Customize | Solutions | Solution Settings.Click on Edit.Select Enable solution browsing.Click Save.To enable category browsing for public solutions, do below steps -Click on Setup | Customize | Self-Service | Public Solutions.Click on Edit.Select Enable solution browsing.Click the lookup icon “Top-Level Category for Public Solutions” to choose the top-level category accessible by customers in public solutions. Customers can view all solutions in this category and its subcategories if the solutions are marked Published and Visible in Public Knowledge Base.Click Save.To enable category browsing...

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Solution Management in Salesforce Part II – Solution Processes

Solution Process is a very important concept introduces by Salesforce. Solution Process is used to control the steps the user should follow for solution review. I believe to understand Solution Process in a better way, we should proceed with use cases. But before we jump into the use case, we need to understand the record types in Solution. Record Type plays a very important role in Solution Process. Record Types allows to identify what the picklist values should be available to the user and what page layout a user should see.Ok let’s start with the Use case below -Use Case -We have in the organisation named “XYZ Corporation” two types of Solutions – Functional Solution and Technical Solution. Below are the requirements -Functional Solutions -All Functional Solution should go through the below status values -DraftReviewed by Functional LeadReviewed by Functional HeadPublishedTechnical Solutions -All Technical Solution should go through the below status values -DraftReviewed by Technical LeadPublishedImplementation -Create a custom field names “Solution Status” to include the possible values as per the requirement. Below is the screenshot -Create the Solution Process by -Click on Setup | Customize | Solutions | Solution Processes Click on New Button.Enter Solution Process name as “XYZ Solution Review Process” and add description as “This is the Solution Review Process for the XYZ Corporation”.Click on Save Button.Here choose the values. These are the possible values a User can...

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Solution Management in Salesforce Part I

Solution in Salesforce is nothing but the detailed description of customer issues along with their solutions. The intention of the concept “Solution” in Salesforce is to make the service provided to customers quicker and efficient. Salesforce comes with a Solution tab from which is a centralised repository of all the solutions. From this tab only Sales Rep can easily search solutions and provides quick service to customer – leading more customer satisfaction.Solution Managers, Administrator and users with appropriate permission can create, review and categorise solutions. They can publish solution to Self – Service Portal and make the solution Public.Note – By default, Solutions are created and displayed in text. But you can make it in HTML by -Click Setup | Customize | Solutions | Solution SettingsClick on Edit buttonSelect the checkbox “Enable HTML Solutions”. (Important: Once HTML Solution is enabled, it can’t be disabled).Solution support multilingual support. You can enable it by -Click Setup | Customize | Solutions | Solution SettingsClick on Edit buttonSelect the checkbox “Enable Multilingual Solutions”.Solution Manager – A Solution Manager is the member of the organisation who can review, edit, public Solutions to Self Service Portal or public knowledge base. You can make a User a Solution Manager by -Click on Setup | Manager Users | Users.Click Edit next to the user.Select Solution Manager from the profile picklist.Click on Save.There is another way of granting a user “Solution Manager” by creating...

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