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Dynamic Form in Salesforce

In this post, I will share the details about Dynamic Form, a feature that was introduced in the Summer ’20 release. Dynamic Form was one of the top voted idea that was delivered. If you ever worked in Classic and Page layout, you know how flexible the page layout is. Admins can add fields, sections, buttons etc. with few clicks and then assign multiple page layouts to the different combinations of Profile and Record Type. Dynamic Form is bringing the same level of flexibility to the Lightning Experience. Excited? This post will cover below -What is Dynamic Form?How to activate Dynamic Form?How to add/delete/arrange fields to Dynamic Form?How to change the UI behavior of the fields added in Dynamic Form?How to change the field visibility in Dynamic Form?Things to know before implementing Dynamic Form.If you prefer watching videos, please click here, otherwise, the same video is posted at the end of this post.Note – Dynamic Form is incomplete without Dynamic Action. They complement each other very well. In this post, I will be focusing mainly on Dynamic Form and then I will publish the second part, where I will be focusing mainly on Dynamic Action.Great!. So without any further detail, let’s dive in.What is Dynamic Form?Dynamic Form was first introduced in the Summer ’20 release and then it became GA(Generally Available) in the Winter ’21 release. With the help of...

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Understand Field’s Visibility with Field-Level Security and Page Layout

We all know that Field-Level security (FLS) and Page Layout are very important concept. But let us understand the concept with multiple use cases. I always believe going through use cases/scenarios are the best way to learn the concept.Use Case 1:Object Name: StudentField Name: Student NameField is required: YesLet’s try to change the field’s security both in profile level as well as through page layout.Changing though Field Level Security @ Profile Level (say for profile: Sales User) –You can’t change Field Level Security for a field if the field is marked as required during declaration. The field will become visible for all the profiles as shown below -So is it possible to do something in page layout? Let’s check –Seems like here also you can’t do any changes. Below is the screenshot –So the conclusion is that if a field is marked as required during declaration, that field will remain required and visible in all the page layouts. You can’t make that field read-only also.Use Case 2:Object Name: StudentField Name: Student AgeField is required: NoNow we can have multiple scenarios. They are listed below –Scenario 1:Visible for Profile – Sales User: NoVisible for Profile – Executive User: YesRequired in Page Layout – YesObservation:Logged in as Adams, Karen (Profile – Sales User)Logged in as Bassi, Brent (Profile – Executive User)Scenario 2:Visible for Profile – Sales User: YesRead Only for Profile...

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