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Kitchener Canada Developer Group Event: From Admin to Certified Technical Architect by Johann Furmann

 Special thanks to our speaker, Johann Furmann, for the session on his journey “From Admin to Certified Technical Architect”. You can register for all the upcoming sessions from the Kitchener Developer Group here.You can get details (presentation and recording) of all the earlier sessions from the Kitchener Developer...

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Notes on passing Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer

I have cleared Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Designer certification on Jan 11th, 2019 and it helped me to become Salesforce Application Architect.Let me quickly share the Exam Outline:Total Number of Questions: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions.Time: 120 minutesPassing Score: 68%Registration Fee: USD 400; Retake Fee: USD 200Prerequisite: NoneIn this blog post, I will share my notes and experience during the preparation and also during the exam. I hope it will help you in your #JourneyToCTA.To me questions were very straight forward, but very descriptive, which took a lot of time to go through the entire question. Going through the entire question is very important because one single work can totally change your answer. Before I start preparing myself, I have gone through the below blog posts which helped me to create a consolidated list which I am going to share here.How to Prepare For and PASS Sharing and Visibility Designer Exam.Preparing For The Salesforce ‘Sharing and Visibility Designer’ Exam.Salesforce Sharing & Visibility Designer Certification.Ladies Be Architect: Study Group.Below are the topics from where I have received questions:Understanding Profile and Permission DifferenceProfile is user’s base level permission and all users having the same profile will have the same permission. Permission Set is assigned to individual users on top of profiles to extend their visibility.You can set Login Ip, Hour, Session Settings, Password policies in Profiles, where these are not possible in permission sets.Profiles are...

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How to Prepare For and Clear Data Architecture and Management Designer Exam

I have cleared my first Salesforce Architect certification – “Data Architecture and Management Designer” on June 1st, 2018. I was dreaming about this certification for quite a long time and finally I am so happy that I am able to clear this one. Here today I am going to share few key tips with you which might help you while you are doing your preparation.My Strategy:I downloaded the study guide and prepared my own notes with my some labels.I always try to break the study guide in three labels like -I THINK I AM GOOD: This label is for those topics where I personally feel I am good.I MIGHT NEED TO LOOK: This is the one where I am some doubts and need to revisit.OHH NO: This is the scary one, where I need to focus more.Then I started my study with Trailhead. Below are the Trailmixes I followed -Architect Journey: Data Architecture and ManagementCertified Data Architecture & Management Designer Exam TrailsBelow are the blog posts from #SalesforceOhana which really helped me.Salesforce Certified Data Architecture & Management Designer Exam Tips by Gemma EmmettTips for Passing the Three New Salesforce Architecture Designer Exams by By Lars MalmqvistHow to Prepare For and PASS Data Architecture and Management Designer Exam by Maciej JozwiakImportant Topics:I am writing down the important topics which you need to concentrate for sure. Those who already read the study guide,...

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