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Use Case 1 – WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration – HTTP Receive and Send

Preface – This post is part of “WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration with” series.Today I will post how you can use WebSphere Cast Iron for a simple HTTP Receive and Send integration. Though this post is nothing to do with Integration with, but still I would like to make this post so that you can understand how easy it is to configure WebSphere Cast Iron.I will use Cast Iron Design Studio to do the configuration.Step 1:Create a project with name “HTML_2_HTML_Integration” and save it. Click on File | New | New Project [Local]..Step 2:You should see a screen like that once you click on the ok button.Step 3:Now drag and drop activity “Receive Request” from right hand side to the Orchestration. The screen should look like -Step 4:Now let’s configure Receive Request -Configure Pick Endpoint – Click on Pick EndPoint and then the New.. button to create a new EndPoint. The screen should look like –  Here you can choose the port number and UserName/Password for your HTTP connection. For the simplicity, I am just choosing the default values i.e. post 80 and no UserName/Password. Configure URL – Click on Configure and provide a name which will be appended after Hostname. I have given a name “HelloWorld”. Choose POST as the HTTP method and check “Requires a Reply” at the button. It should look like -Configure Map Outputs – This is...

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Quick Introduction of WebSphere Cast Iron

Preface – This post is part of “WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration with” series.What is WebSphere Cast Iron -WebSphere Cast Iron provides customers a platform so that they can integrate cloud based applications from leading SaaS providers with on-premise applications. IBM acquired Cast Iron system in the year of 2010.WebSphere Cast Iron Live is a multi-tenant, cloud based platform for Integration cloud application with other cloud applications/on-premise applications. WebSphere Cast Iron is available in three different packages -In an appliance – WebSphere Cast Iron DataPower XH40 is a self-contained physical appliance.In the mode of Virtual Machine – WebSphere Cast Iron Hypervisor Edition.In cloud – WebSphere Cast Iron Live.Refer Wikipedia to know more about WebSphere Cast IronHow to get access in WebSphere Cast Iron -You can try WebSphere Cast Iron Live for 30 days without any cost. Click here to get the WebSphere Cast Iron Live free for 30 days.Cast Iron Solution Guides -Please have a look at the below Solutions guides. Integrating Two Cloud Services with IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Live Redbook: Started with IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration my next post, I will start with first Use Case i.e. WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration – HTTP Receive and Send.I will really appreciate if you provide your feedback....

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