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With Hyperforce, Salesforce will allow you to move your data to any public cloud

 Cloud computing is evolving. To maintain the same pace, over the past few years, Salesforce has moved some of its infrastructures to other clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google. And now Salesforce is allowing customers to do the same. Salesforce announced Hyperforce on Dec 2nd, 2020 at Dreamforce. It is coming up with a new architectural design to help customers deliver workloads to the public cloud of their choice. The idea behind this is that all of the data used by the Customer 360 platform, which is Salesforce’s detailed view of the customer across the channel, Salesforce products, and even other outside systems connecting with Salesforce.Hyperforce promises to deliver top-level B2C and B2B performance by leveraging the elasticity of the public cloud but keeping the high-level security as the priority one. On top of that, Hyperforce also guarantees backward compatibility, assuring customers that their existing implementation be it customization or configuration will still work when they will migrate their changes in any public cloud of their choice.”Every company right now is facing an imperative – to go digital fast,”, said Bret Taylor, President, and COO  at Salesforce. “Salesforce Hyperfroce is a quantum leap forward in how Salesforce can accelerate our global customer’s digital transformations and empower them to grow, fast and at scale, on our trusted platform.”Key FeaturesTop-level B2C and B2B performance by leveraging the elasticity of the public cloud without...

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Dreamforce 2019 Global Gathering

Yesterday we had the event – Dreamforce Global Gathering – a joint event between Kitchener Developer Group and Mississauga Developer Group. We discussed about new announcements from Dreamforce 2019, had great participations from audience and networking. Ohh Yesh!!! There were swags & certification vouchers as well.Here are few pictures and the slide deck. Dreamforce Global Gathering from Sudipta Deb ☁ Register below to get notifications about our future events -Kitchener Developer GroupMississauga Developer...

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