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Show Your Data in Datatable, Map or Tile Format Inside Flow

In this post, I am going to show you one of the most powerful AppExchange flow solutions built by Salesforce Labs. If you ever needed to display a collection of records in some format, mostly in datatable format to the user and provide options to the user to select records from that list and finally perform some actions based on those selected records, then this AppExchange pre-built flow solution is your going to be your friend. 😃Check out my youtube channel for more Salesforce Videos here.All about Salesforce Release – Spring 21 hereThe name of the solution is Flow Datagrid Pack. With this solution, you have the power now to display your collection of records in three different formats -Data Grid – Basically displays the records in a multi-select datatable.Tile Grid – Displays in multi-select (configurable) tiles format.Map Grid – Displays multi-select markers on map where you need to display records on the map. Ex: Display a list of accounts in Ontario within the map.Let’s configure this flow solution for a basic use case.Use Case:Need a solution where all the contacts from an account will be displayed in datatable and the user can select from the list. Based on the selected contacts, only those contacts should be displayed on the next screen.Solution – Flow:I build the below flow using the Flow Datagrid pack.Here are the steps -Fetch Associated ContactsIn this...

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How to check for Permission Sets in Validation Rule

Recently while dealing with one of the requirement for my current project, I need to check for logged in user’s persona and based on that, write validation rules which will restrict them to do some operations.Here is the requirementLet’s say we have two personas – Change User and Change Manager. Both Change User and Change Manager can view and edit the cases, but when the case is in “In Progress” state, Change User is not allowed to update the target resolution date on the case.SetupBoth the personas – Change User and Change Manager share the same role in the role hierarchy. (I know realistically they should have different role, but in my scenario, this is what customer wants as it aligns with their organization structure). So the way to differentiate them is through permission set. As a result, I have created two permission sets – Change User and Change Manager. Assigned the permission sets to respective users. “In Progress” is a case status value and Target resolution date is a custom field on Case object.Problem facedTo implement the requirement that “Change User is not allowed to update the target resolution date on the case when the case is in In Progress state”, I need to write validation rule. But there is no way that you can check for logged in user’s assigned permission set in validation rule. There is a...

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I am sure we all came to different situations where we need to pass parameters to VisualForce pages while doing Salesforce development. So I thought of putting all scenarios together in a single post with the solution approach. So without any further introduction, let’s get into the actual agenda quickly.Check out my youtube channel for more Salesforce videos - about Salesforce Release Spring 21 here.First, let me explain the basic -WHAT IS A PARAMETER ?A parameter is a name-value pair which is embedded at the end of the url of a page. The first parameter always starts with ‘?’ and all the subsequent parameters start with a ‘&’.Let’s take the below example - first parameter is firstname=Sudipta where name is firstname and value is SudiptaThe second parameter is lastname=Deb where name is lastname and value is DebWith the basic explained, let me start with different scenarios and solution approachSCENARIO 1 – PASSING PARAMETER FROM CUSTOM BUTTONSometimes it may be required that by clicking on custom button we need to open a new VisualForce page and pass parameters to that new page. For example – if we create a custom button for Account object, while configuring if we choose VisualForce page we can select only those VisualForce pages having standardController=”Account” set. To overcome this, we need to choose Content Source as url while configuring Custom Button. Screenshot is given below -Below is the...

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