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Salesforce Lightning Component – Component Event Bubbling Effect

Salesforce Lightning – The Future of Salesforce. Lightning is the collection of tools and technologies behind a significant upgrade to the Salesforce1 Platform. It includes Lightning Component Framework which is used to create reusable components, customize the Salesforce1 App, and also build Standalone apps.The framework uses the event-driven approach communicate with different components. Event is a notification which will let the world/interested entity know that something happened and now they can take actions accordingly. In Salesforce Lightning, the interested entity is the components that you develop. The components will register for the events they are interested and will fire if required. And at the same time there will be components who will handle the events when they are fired. We have two different types of lightning events, as displayed below –Application EventComponent EventIn this post, I will try to explain how Component Events are handled in Salesforce Lightning Framework.Salesforce documentation says, “A component event is always fired from an instance of a component. A component event can be handled by the component that fired the event or by a component in the containment hierarchy that received the bubble event.”I believe this is the best explanation of component event. Later in this post, I will give you an example to explain the bubble effect which I believe is little confusing at this point of time. Let’s wait for some time...

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Maps are very powerful application to visualise information. In today’s world, map plays a very important role as many customers want to integrate maps with their applications to represent their account, contact, lead and many more information visually through map.In one of my recent project, I came across a similar requirement where I need to integrate map with Visualforce to show lead information visually in map. To implement this requirement, I have chosen Mapbox. I know you have the question in mind – Why Mapbox, why not Google Map? The reason why I have chosen Mapbox, not the Google Map – I will come to it later. But for the time being let’s keep our focus completely on Mapbox.In this post, I will explain how you can integrate Mapbox with Visualforce page. I will start with a very basic example and then dig into more and more complex ones. I believe in this way, you will also feel more comfortable with Mapbox+Visualforce integration.Note – The day I am writing this post, the version of Mapbox API is: Version 2.2.1.Step 1 – Create Mapbox accountFirst you need to create a Mapbox account. You can do that by clicking on Signup button.Step 2 – Get Default Public Token Once you have logged in, go to your profile, followed by click on Apps to get your default public token. Below is the screenshot...

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