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Sudipta Deb

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Hello, Cloud enthusiasts! Welcome back to the third episode of our Google Cloud Storage series. Today, I am delving deep into an advanced and vital aspect of storage management on GCP: Retention Policies. Ensure the safety and integrity of your data like never before!

📌 What’s Unpacked in this Video:

✅ Retention Policy Basics: A brief refresher and deep dive into what retention policies are and why they’re crucial.

✅ Adding Retention Policies: Learn the step-by-step process of defining and applying retention policies to your data.

✅ Locked vs. Unlocked Retention Policies: Understand the differences, benefits, and use cases of both locked and unlocked policies.

✅ The Temporary Hold Feature: Grasp the nuances of the temporary hold, its applications, and how it interacts with your set policies.

✅ Interactive Demo: A comprehensive hands-on demonstration, making it easier to understand and implement the discussed concepts.


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