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What Is Salesforce Function?

Salesforce Function is a service of the platform that lets Salesforce developers create code that connects data and events. It can run on-demand with an elastic scale in a Compute environment and can be integrated with low-code and pro-code services to deliver an agile and unified Salesforce Experience.

End Of Life Announcement

On January 31, 2025, Salesforce is retiring Salesforce Functions, also known as Salesforce Elastic Services. To keep the functionality of the functions deployed to your org, you must migrate them to a different product before the end-of-life date. 

Retirement Timeline

StatusDescriptionPlanned Date
End of Sale (EOS)The last day customers can purchase new Elastic Services subscriptions.October 31, 2023
End of Renewal (EOR)The last day customers can renew their existing Elastic Services subscription.January 31, 2024
End of Life (EOL)The last day Elastic Services is available in Salesforce orgs.January 31, 2025

How To Migrate?

As per the Salesforce documentation, you need to migrate the functionality to a different product. You can redeploy functions as Heroku apps. Here is an example migration repository as a guide.



This article is not endorsed by Salesforce, Google, or any other company in any way. I shared my knowledge on this topic in this blog post. Please always refer to Official Documentation for the latest information.

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