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Sudipta Deb

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Are you tired of dealing with the frustrations that can arise when sales people, or worse yet channel partners, don’t have the right price available at the right moment? Keeping pricing in sync can be a challenge, but if done well it will help you sell more.

Pricing Needs To Be Consistent Across All Systems And Pricelists – Not Just Salesforce!

Easy access to the right price is crucial for sales success. It can make or break an opportunity, attract or deter customers, and ultimately affect your bottom line. Inconsistencies can cause confusion, frustration, and even distrust among customers or channel partners. They may question your competency or feel like they’re being taken advantage of, leading them to take their business elsewhere. At best you will waste a lot of internal time rectifying the issue caused by incorrect pricing.

The Challenge

The key challenge is choosing a source of truth for pricing. For most businesses, this is either a spreadsheet or a system such as CRM, ERP or billing. Unfortunately, both of these approaches can be problematic. With a spreadsheet (the most popular) you are choosing a system that is not designed to track and understand changes that requires a lot of manual transposition of data.  Then getting the data from the spreadsheet to other systems is a tedious and slow manual process. If you choose a system then you still need to be able to create and share price lists and sync the data to other systems. Not many systems manage this well.

A Purpose-Built Solution

ProductEngine is designed from the ground up to manage pricing and ensures that staff and channel partners have a single online place where they can access the right price every time. This means that they can focus on what matters most: engaging with customers and closing deals. ProductEngine can also translate and sync the data to the requirements of other systems – some of which are unnecessarily difficult.


  1. Strive for pricing that is accurate and consistent across all systems and price lists.
  2. Ensure that staff and channel partners have access to clear and up-to-date pricing information to help them close more sales.
  3. Buy ProductEngine today and sell more!

ProductEngine Integration Video


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