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Salesforce Summer ’23 Release

Salesforce Summer ’23 Release is coming soon. In this post, I will share the information available as of today regarding this release, so that you can be prepared in advance.

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Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Date

Below are the dates when your production environment will be upgraded to Summer ’23. These dates are definitely important, but at the same time it is very important to know when your sandbox will get the new release. Because that’s the environment where you will do all sorts of testing and making sure that new release will not cause any issues with your existing implementation.

The release date for Summer ’23 will depend on your Salesforce instance. Here are the main release weekend.

    • May 6, 2023
    • June 3, 2023
    • June 10, 2023

You can always go to Salesforce trust website, click on your instance name and hit “Maintenance”. This will show the dates when your production environment will get Summer ’23 release.

Salesforce Summer ’23 Sandbox Preview

Salesforce normally has two release windows for Sandboxes. It totally depends on whether your Sandbox is a “Preview” instance or a “Non-Preview” instance. The official date is yet to be announced.

Salesforce Summer ’23 Pre-Release Org

Register for Pre-Release Org here.

Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Notes

Salesforce Release Notes is the place where you will come to know all the new and enhanced features for the first time. You need to go through the notes and find out the new features or potential areas where you need to test your implementation. Release notes are very organized and for each cloud, you will find different sections.

Release notes will be available here.


This article is not endorsed by Salesforce, Google, or any other company in any way. I shared my knowledge on this topic in this blog post. Please always refer to Official Documentation for the latest information.


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