A complete platform called loyalty management enables both B2B and B2C businesses to develop intelligent, distinctive customer experiences. Loyalty Management, which is based on the dependable Salesforce platform, provides companies in any sector the freedom to customize their application to meet their particular needs.

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  1. What is Salesforce’s Loyalty Management?
  2. High-Level Setup
  3. Enable Loyalty Management
  4. Who Sees What
  5. How to set up Salesforce’s enhanced domain feature?
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What is Salesforce’s Loyalty Management?

Built on the Salesforce platform, loyalty management enables businesses to offer cutting-edge initiatives for customer appreciation, retention, and reward. You can plan and build loyalty programs, manage members and partners, and more with the help of the unified, cross-industry Loyalty Management system. Additionally, you may organize promotions, award members, and monitor their activity.

An all-inclusive system called loyalty management enables you to design thoughtful, tailored interactions with customers that boost their loyalty. Any sector can benefit from loyalty management since it is adaptable and can meet B2B and B2C business needs. Create and establish loyalty programs using the Loyalty Management app. Monitor member activity and give them points or vouchers as rewards. Create a powerful network of brand evangelists for your company with Loyalty Program Partners. Use promotions to increase client engagement and improve the return on your investment. Let members access the Loyalty Member Portal to monitor their rewards for loyalty.

NoteLoyalty Management isn’t supported on mobile devices.

High-Level Setup

Below is the high-level setup for Canada ReImagine. In this blog post, I will show you how to set up a Loyalty Program, Tier Groups, Tiers, and Currencies. I will add more details about this setup in the following posts.

Create Loyalty Program

  • From the App Launcher, select Loyalty Management.
  • From the Loyalty Programs page, click on New.
  • Fill in below details –
    • Program Name: Canada ReImagine
    • Status: Active
    • Description: Loyalty program for Canada ReImagine
    • Primary: Checked (You can have only one primary loyalty program)

Loyalty Tier Groups

Loyalty tier groups help you define tiers and the associated tier model for member recognition.

Setting up qualifying points is one method of gauging member engagement. For a variety of tasks that members complete as part of the loyalty program, qualifying points are given. Members can be grouped according to their qualifying points using tier groupings. A tier group has qualifying points linked with it. To determine which members of a tier group are the most valuable, use qualifying points. There can be more than one qualifying point in a loyalty program.

The key concepts that you need to understand are –

  • Tier Model – It influences the start date of the qualifying period.
    • Fixed Tier Model – The qualifying period for all loyalty program members starts and ends on pre-defined dates. At the end of the period, all member’s qualifying points will be reset to 0.
    • Anniversary Tier Model – The qualifying period starts when the member joins the loyalty program and ends on the member’s enrollment anniversary. Anniversaries can be counted in months or years.
  • Tier Period – This is the period after which a tier assessment is done to determine whether a member is eligible for tier change. Tier period along with Extend expiration defines the expiration date for a tier.
  • Qualifying Period – It defines the cycles of tier recognition. After the qualifying period, the member’s point balance will reset to zero.
  • Extend Expiration – Allows to postpone the end of tier period till the last date of the month, the same date as qualifying point reset date or a member’s annoversary date.

Create Loyalty Tier Group

  • Click on New from Loyalty Tier Group. You will find this in the Setup tab of the previously created Loyalty Program – Canada ReImagine.
  • Fill in the below information –
    • Tier Group Name: Status Tier Group
    • Active: Checked
    • Description: Tier member based on a yearly purchase.
    • Tier Model: Fixed
    • Period Quantity: 1
    • Period Duration Type: Years
    • Extend Expiration: No Extension
    • Loyalty Program: This will be auto-filled.
    • Primary: Checked
    • Qualifying Points Reset Date: Dec 31st, 2022
    • Qualifying Points Reset Frequency: 1
    • Qualifying Points Reset Period: Years

Don’t worry, I will explain these two models in detail in a separate blog post soon.

Loyalty Tier

Tiers categorize loyalty program members based on their loyalty activities. As members engage more with the program, they’re recognized to higher tiers and get more exclusive benefits.

Members of a group can be assigned Loyalty Tiers depending on their qualification points. Members of a loyalty program receive qualifying points based on their participation in the program. The qualifying points are used to determine whether a member should move up or down in tier. Sequence numbers are used to build tier hierarchies. One or more tiers may be found in a tier group.

Create Loyalty Tier

  • Go to Status Tier Group page.
  • Click on New in the Loyalty Tier related list.
  • Fill in the below information –
    • Tier Name: Silver
    • Description: Silver Tier
    • Sequence Number: 10

Repeat the same with below information for the other tiers.

Tier NameDescriptionSequence Number
GoldGold Tier20
PlatinumPlatinum Tier30

Loyalty Program Currency

Loyalty Program Currencies refer to qualifying and non-qualifying currencies associated with the program. Qualifying currency refers to the engagement of a member with the program and is associated with a tier group. Qualifying currency is used for a member’s tier evaluation. Non-qualifying currency refers to the points that the member earns for redemption.

There are two types of currencies –

Qualifying Points (QPs): These measure a member’s level of engagement in a loyalty program and are a deciding factor for an upgrade or downgrade. Qualifying Points can be associated with only one tier group. A tier group can have more than one qualifying point.

Non-Qualifying Points (NQPs): These points members can earn for their loyalty program-related activities, which they can redeem for rewards. There is an expiration for Non-Qualifying Points, which are –

Fixed: Each nonqualifying point in a member’s balance expires after a fixed period specified for this loyalty currency.

Activity: If there’s no member activity for the duration specified for this point type, the member’s entire non-qualifying points balance expires. A member’s inactivity is determined by using the Last Activity Date in the member record.

Create Loyalty Program Currency

  • Go to Canada ReImagine Loyalty Program page.
  • Click on New in the Loyalty Program Currencies related list.
  • Fill in the below details to create a Non-Qualifying Point. Remember NQP is never linked with any Loyalty Tier Group.
  • Go to Canada ReImagine Loyalty Program page.
  • Click on New in the Loyalty Program Currencies related list.
  • Fill in the below details to create a Qualifying Point. Remember QP is linked with one Loyalty Tier Group.

Next Steps

In my next blog, I will be discussing in more detail about Fixed vs Anniversary Tier Model. Please subscribe to my blog to get updates about all my upcoming posts.

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This article is not endorsed by Salesforce or any other company in any way. I shared my knowledge on this topic in this blog post. Please refer to Salesforce Help for the latest information.


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