Month: April 2022

Group Arrays in JavaScript using Array.GroupBy

JavaScript continuously enriches its standard library on strings and arrays. In today’s post, I will be discussing the new array group proposal which is currently at stage 3. This new proposal introduces new methods array.groupBy() and array.groupByToMap(). You can get their polyfills from the core-js library. Let’s see examples below to understand how these methods work.   Read this blog post or watch the video below to learn more about the JavaScript array.groupBy() and array.groupByToMap() method. array.groupBy() Let’s say you have the below list of countries, where each country is an object with 2 properties name and continent. const countries =...

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JavaScript Void Operator

When an expression is evaluated using the void operator, the result is undefined. This operator is typically used to obtain an undefined primitive value. It’s frequently used in conjunction with hyperlinks. When you click a link, your browser usually refreshes the page or loads a new one. When we don’t want the browser to refresh or load a new page when we click a hyperlink, we can use javascript:void(0). The operand 0 can be used in two ways: void(0) or void 0. Both methods are equally effective. JavaScript:void(0) instructs the browser to “do nothing,” preventing the page from being...

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