If you are a Salesforce Flow fan, I am sure like me, Summer 21 release is going to excite you as well. In this blog post, I am sharing all the new flow features that are now available with Summer 21 and how we can take advantage of these.

I will be sharing a video as well explaining these features at the end of this post. So if you prefer watching videos, click here or you can continue reading this post first and then watch the video later.

Note – I will be covering Salesforce Summer 21 release new features in upcoming posts. You will be able to get everything related to Summer 21 here –  

So let’s start.

1. Debug Record-Triggered Flow using Flow Debug Tool

After Summer 21 release, we will be able to debug any record-triggered flow using Flow Debug Tool. This is a huge improvement. We just need to select the record and execute the flow in debug mode. Since debugging a flow means executing the flow in rollback mode, so no changes will be saved to the record.

2. Check Governor Limit Consumption and Transaction Boundaries

With Summer 21 release, we can now see the use and consumption of various Governor limits and Transaction Boundaries. This is super helpful to make the flow execution faster by optimizing the flow as per the limits and best practices.

3. IS CHANGED operator in Record-Triggered Flow

With Summer 21 release, we can now use the IS CHANGED operation in Record-Triggered flows. This is another great feature to understand whether a value is changed or not and then execute the flow accordingly. Without this feature, we need to implement multiple checks which can be simplified now with this single operator.

4. Collection Sort within Flow Builder

This is another great addition to flow’s logic elements. We can now sort any collection variables in descending or ascending order. Also, we can choose which field should be used to do the sorting. This is a super powerful feature to make complex flows a little simplified.

5. Include Record Fields directly into the Flow Screen (Beta)

This feature is in BETA stage. With this feature, adding fields in screen elements is becoming super easy. We can add fields associated with a record of sObject by drag-n-drop when using the Fields tab. 

6. Create Multicolumn Screens in Flow Builder (GA)

This feature first came into existence in Sping 21 as BETA and in Summer 21, Salesforce is making it GA. So we can take full advantage of this feature and can also get supports from Salesforce.

To understand how this feature works, please read my earlier post below –

7. Easily get Paused and Failed Flows

Now getting all your paused and failed flows is super easy. Just type “Flows” in quick find and click on “Paused And Failed Flow Interviews”.

As promised at the beginning, below is the video where I have covered all the new flow features from Summer 21 release.