Going through the entire release note is difficult and time-consuming. So in this post, I tried to share some of my most favorite admin features from the Salesforce Spring 21 release.

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Feature 1 – Share Records with Manual Sharing

With this new feature, now we can share records and manage record shares in a new streamlined interface. Before this one, we need to go to Salesforce Classic to share records with specific users or user groups. Manual share is available only for accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases, leads and custom objects.

Feature 2 – No more support for Internet Explorer 11 in Lightning Experience

Starting Spring 21, Salesforce will no longer support Internet Explorer 11. Users can still use IE11, but they will be presented with a message stating that they are using unsupported browser. Any new features from Salesforce will be supported and available only on modern browsers.

Feature 3 – Can create more roles

Any Salesforce org created in Spring 21 and later, we can now create up to 5000 roles. In the existing org, the maximum number of roles allowed is 500, but in order to increase the limit, we need to contact Salesforce support.

Feature 4 – Opportunity Product

Sales rep is now having the flexibility to track multiple information on opportunity product records. For example, Sales rep can now track two accounts where the product should be delivered. With Spring 21 release, we can now create relationship and add them in the page layouts.
In the below example. I am creating a lookup relationship between Account and Opportunity Product (OpportunityLineItem). After creating the lookup relationship, we need to add the field in the related list in the page layouts.


Feature 5 – Analyze Performance For Lightning Pages

Performance Analysis in App Builder now assesses record page performance for the phone form factor. New tabs in the Page Analysis window will give separate results for a lightning record page both from desktop and mobile context.

Feature 6 – More Supports for Dynamic Actions

Now we can assign actions in the Lightning App Builder instead of the page layouts. Also, we can apply filters to control when and where the actions will appear for users.
To use Dynamic Actions, we need to first add the Highlight Panel to the record page and then click on Upgrade Now to complete the migration. After that all the migrated actions will appear. Click one of the existing ones [1] and then click on Add Filter [2] to control when and where the actions will appear for users or click on Add Action [3] to add a new action.

Feature 7 – Permission Removed for Guest Users

Starting Spring 21, Salesforce is removing View All, Modify All, Edit, and Delete object permissions on all objects for guest users in new and existing orgs. Basically, now guest users will have only read and create object permissions.

Feature 8 – Track Accounts as Campaign Members (Beta)

Now we can add account records as campaign members. We need to first turn on the Accounts as Campaign Members settings in Salesforce setup. After that, add the Campaign History and Campaigns related lists to the Account page layouts.

Feature 9 – Release notes are now in Salesforce Help

Salesforce Release Notes are now moved to Salesforce Help. So now Salesforce Help is going to be the one-stop-shop for all help, technical contents along with Salesforce Release notes. I personally love this one as I no need to keep track of another site. 

Feature 10 – Localized Component Labels and Attribute Values on Lightning Pages Using Custom Labels

We can now use custom labels in the Lightning App Builder and with that, we can support localization in our apps. In the below example, I have used custom label and used the translated text for the language German. Now in the Lightning App Builder, I have used the custom label instead of some hardcoded name. 

Finally – Salesforce release calendar

You can get full details from here