Year: 2021

New Videos Coming in January 2022 – Clear Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification

New videos and posts are coming in January 2022 where I will be sharing everything you need to know to clear the Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification. It will be individual videos covering every aspect of the certification. Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel and my blog below to get updates about all the upcoming videos and posts....

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Kitchener Canada Developer Group Event: From Admin to Certified Technical Architect by Johann Furmann

 Special thanks to our speaker, Johann Furmann, for the session on his journey “From Admin to Certified Technical Architect”. You can register for all the upcoming sessions from the Kitchener Developer Group here.You can get details (presentation and recording) of all the earlier sessions from the Kitchener Developer...

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Summer ’21 Flow New Features

If you are a Salesforce Flow fan, I am sure like me, Summer 21 release is going to excite you as well. In this blog post, I am sharing all the new flow features that are now available with Summer 21 and how we can take advantage of these.I will be sharing a video as well explaining these features at the end of this post. So if you prefer watching videos, click here or you can continue reading this post first and then watch the video later.Note – I will be covering Salesforce Summer 21 release new features in upcoming...

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Events in JavaScript

 What is an EventAn event is a message that is dispatched to the event target. There are various categories of events like user events (‘click’) and system events (‘DOMContentLoaded’)...

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