Salesforce is bringing a new feature in Spring 21, which we all are waiting for a long time. It’s about creating Multi-Column Screens in Flow Builder.
Before Spring 21, we had no/limited control to add multi-columns in flow screens. So to get that feature either we need to write web components or make some other changes(which involves coding). But the good news is that right after Spring 21, we can add multiple columns in the flow screens and no more custom coding is required (unless it is definitely something that can not be done in flow).
In this blog post, I will show you how you can take advantage of this new feature. I also put a short video here where I have used this new feature.

Step 1

Create a Screen Flow and choose Freeform / Auto-Layout in the next screen

Step 2

Add the Screen Element in the canvas and add the Section (Beta) in the screen element. It will look like – 

Step 3

Once you add Section (Beta) to the screen, on the right side, you will find a button to add columns. You can click and start adding columns. You can add upto four columns and also choose the width of each column.
Width wise the entire width is divided in the unit of 12. 

Step 4

You can add components in individual sections. Like I have below components as below –
  • Column 1 – Text for First Name
  • Column 2 – Text for Last Name
  • Column 3 – Email
  • Column 4 – Toggle

I hope this blog post will provide you the guide to start using this new cool feature in your flow.

You can also watch the video where I have used this feature –