Spring 21 is going to be full of new Flow features. Today I will be explaining how you can compare between prior and new value in record triggered flows. In my earlier post, I have shared another feature from Spring 21 – “How to create multi-column screens in Flow Builder“. The video link is here.

Before Spring 21, if we need to compare between prior and new values before running the business processes, we need to rely on either Process Builder or Trigger. But with the introduction of Spring 21 release, now we can do this comparison right inside flow builder and take actions accordingly.
In this post, I will use this feature to implement a basic use case. I also put a short video here explaining the steps.

Use Case

Here comes the use case which I will be implementing using flow.

Step 1

Create a Record-Trigerred flow and choose Freeform/Auto-Layout in the next screen.

Step 2

Configure Trigger screen, select –

  • Trigger The Flow When: A record is created or updated.
  • Run the Flow: Before the record is saved.

Step 3

In the Choose Object screen, select –
  • Object: Opportunity.
  • Condition Requirements: Amount Is null False.

Step 4

Create the decision where –
  • Outcome – Greater 

  • Outcome – Less Than Equal

Step 5

Add the assignment for Greater to update the rating to HOT.

Step 6

Add the assignment for Less Than Equal to update the rating to NORMAL.


Below is how the flow will look like finally –

I hope this blog post will help to understand how to use this new feature in your flow. 
Below is the video where I have created this flow step-by-step.