Month: October 2020

How to use Knowledge Actions in Lightning Flow

Recently while implementing Knowledge for one of my customers, I spend quite a good amount of time doing operations on Knowledge Articles through Flow. This post will focus on two highly used Knowledge Article operations i.e. Publish and Edit.Before I go into further details, I will highly recommend you go through the below post to understand the Knowledge Data Model. Understanding Knowledge Data Model is the key as it will help you to use these actions in flow effectively and correctly. Here is the post -Understanding Salesforce Lightning Knowledge Data ModelWith the assumption that you know Data Model quite well, let’s dive in -Edit Knowledge ArticleFrom Salesforce Flow, you can now edit the Knowledge article as a draft. To do that, you need to use the action and then “Create draft from online knowledge article” Knowledge article action as shown belowHere are the parameters -Action – The possible values are “EDIT_AS_DRAFT_ARTICLE” and “EDIT_AS_DRAFT_TRANSLATION”.Unpublish – “True” will archive the current published version and create a draft version. “False” will keep the current version published and create a new draft version.Article ID: Article Id of the master published article. A draft article will be created from this one.Publish Knowledge ArticleSimilar to the above from Salesforce Flow, you can now publish the Knowledge article. To do that, you need to use the action and then “Publish Knowledge Articles” Knowledge article action as shown belowHere...

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Dataloader for Salesforce

 While working in Salesforce, we need to deal with data almost every day. Loading or extracting data is an important pre-requisite for almost all production deployment/Go-Live activity. Do you know the there are many different data loaders available today? This post will cover some of the most popular data loaders with their advantages and disadvantages.Data Import WizardThis is built by Salesforce and available in all editions. It has a very easy step by step user interface which makes it very popular among the Salesforce developer/admins. You can load many standard objects including Accounts & Contacts, Leads, Campaign Members, Person accounts. You can load custom objects too with this one.Advantages: User friendly.Disadvantages: Can load a maximum of 50,000 records at a time. In a real-world scenario, this can be a problem as the number of records can be in the range of millions.Salesforce Data LoaderAnother data loader solution created by Salesforce. This application you need to install in your machine. As a pre-requisite, you need Java installed in your machine. It comes with some advantages settings which makes this app a perfect solution for handling pretty much any scenarios.Advantages:You can load 5,000,000 records. Much higher compared to Data Import Wizard.Quicker, powerful application.Disadvantages:Need to install in your machine. It is not a cloud application.Dataloader.ioIt is a 100% cloud-based data loader application that you can access through your browser. It was developed by Mulesoft, ...

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Send Custom Notifications Using Apex

Winter 21 release is bringing many great features for us. We are all excited. Here are some of my posts covering some of the important features that will come with the Winter 21 release -Winter 21 Admin New FeaturesWinter 21 Apex New FeaturesWinter 21 Flow EnhancementsIn today’s post, I will be discussing about the feature which will allow us to send custom notifications using Apex. Introduction of Custom NotificationCustom notifications are the customized notifications that can be sent when some action happened with Salesforce. For example, every time a new knowledge article is published, we can publish a custom notification to all the users/selected users. These notifications are real-time i.e. users don’t require to refresh their existing page to get the notification. On the same only, these notifications will be presented on the bell icon.Create Custom NotificationType ‘Notification’ in the setup searchClick ‘Custom Notifications’ under ‘Notification Builder’Click NewEnter the name for example – “Knowledge Notification”Select the channels (Mobile and/or Desktop).Apex Code to Send Notification//New Class introduced to deal with Custom NotificationsMessaging.CustomNotification singleNotification =                         new Messaging.CustomNotification();//Required – Setting up the BodysingleNotification.setBody(‘New Article is published’);//Required – Setting up the titlesingleNotification.setTitle(‘Check the new article!’);//Optional – Who is sending this notificationsingleNotification.setSenderId(Userinfo.getUserId());//Fetching the custom notification created and using that idCustomNotificationType type = [ SELECT Id                                 FROM CustomNotificationType               ...

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