In today’s post, I am going to share some of my favorite Admin features from Winter 21 release.


While creating the survey, admins now have the option of saving the survey as a template. After creating the template, users can open it and make a copy from the top-right menu to create their own survey based on the template.

Flow Enhancements

I have written a separate post covering only flow enhancements coming with Winter 21 release.
Here is the post – Winter 21 Flow Enhancements

Dynamic Form    

With this release, admins now have the power to select the position of the fields in the page layout. As of today, this is only available to custom objects and Lightning App Builder.

When admins will open the record details section from the Lightning page in App Builder, they will be presented with the option to Upgrade (as shown below). Selecting the upgrade option will provide the admins the option to create dynamic forms by positioning fields in different sections on the layout.

Even admins can click on the “Analyze” button at the top right section which will provide them the option whether the customization is good from a performance standpoint.

No More Ref IDs in Email-to-Case

Ref IDs are not always our good friend when dealing with Email-to-Case, as people tend to delete, modify those ugly looking ids when sending emails/replies and that always causes problems with case routing.
The good news is that Ref IDs are going to be phased out. Exact dates will. be announced soon, as there will be an upgrade path to ensure existing Email-to-Case functionalities will still work. After this new features, emails will be matched by information in the email header instead.
As this new feature is coming, I think it is a great time to look out for any automation that exists today in your org which depends on these Ref IDs.

Guest User Access in Communities

Guests users in your communities will be restricted in some of their permissions. This applies to any standard or custom objects with the below permissions –
  • View All Data
  • Modify All Data
  • Edit
  • Delete
If in your community implementation today, you are allowing your guest users to edit existing data, then this is the time when you should consider converting them to community users.

Improved Email Template Creation

Now admins can create email templates by drag and drop functionality. This drag and drop template builder is similar to the page builder and definitely provides a great enhancement to the way we all create email templates today.
Admins can create email templates by going to the “Email Templates” tab and clicking on the New button.

Please let me know your favorite admin features. Enjoy Winter 21 release.