In this post, I am going to show you one of the most powerful AppExchange flow solutions built by Salesforce Labs. If you ever needed to display a collection of records in some format, mostly in datatable format to the user and provide options to the user to select records from that list and finally perform some actions based on those selected records, then this AppExchange pre-built flow solution is your going to be your friend. 😃

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The name of the solution is Flow Datagrid Pack. With this solution, you have the power now to display your collection of records in three different formats –

  • Data Grid – Basically displays the records in a multi-select datatable.
  • Tile Grid – Displays in multi-select (configurable) tiles format.
  • Map Grid – Displays multi-select markers on map where you need to display records on the map. Ex: Display a list of accounts in Ontario within the map.
Let’s configure this flow solution for a basic use case.

Use Case:

Need a solution where all the contacts from an account will be displayed in datatable and the user can select from the list. Based on the selected contacts, only those contacts should be displayed on the next screen.

Solution – Flow:

I build the below flow using the Flow Datagrid pack.
Here are the steps –

Fetch Associated Contacts

In this step, I am fetching all the contacts associated with an account.

Loop Through All Contacts and Store Contact Ids

Here I am looping through all the contacts and storing their ids in a collection variable. This step is needed as a collection variable with record ids are needed in the Flow Datagrid Pack to display the records. 
Note – I am not sure why this extra loop is required, but my initial thought is that this loop can easily be removed and Flow Datagrid Pack should work on the collection of records.

Display All Contacts in Datatable

Here I am using the Flow Datagrid Pack pack as displayed below.
To start with, I am just using the basic input parameters, but you can configure a lot. The details level of the configuration details, you can get to know from here.
  • ID List: Here I am using the collection variable I have created in an earlier screen which stores all the contact ids.
  • Object API Name: I am using Contact here as object name. You can literally work on any standard or custom objects. Note – With External objects, this solution is not working as of today.
  • Field API Names: I am using the API names of the fields which I would like to display inside the datatable.

Display Selected Contacts

In this step, I am displaying the selected records using the same Flow Datagrid Pack. 
The difference is that here in the ID list I am using the auto-generated collection variable from the previous screen which stores the id of only selected contacts.
This is how the flow will look like –
That’s all!! Isn’t it super easy? I highly recommend everyone to try this one. 
Note – To get all the pre-built cool Flow solution check the dedicated flow section in AppExchange. Link