Month: July 2020

Configure Husky in VS Code for JavaScript Development

by installing ESLint and Prettier we have the option to run the script which will check for syntax and best practices in our JavaScript code. But what about if we forget to execute this script before committing our changes to the GitHub repository? We will be then committing poorly written code into our repo. We can always run ESLing and Prettier as part of our continuous integration, but having a problem identified at that stage is kind of late in the game. We need to fix now and do another commit. 

So it will be good if we can identify these problems even before we do the first commit. And here comes the power of Husky.

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How to check for Permission Sets in Validation Rule

Recently while dealing with one of the requirement for my current project, I need to check for logged in user’s persona and based on that, write validation rules which will restrict them to do some operations.Here is the requirementLet’s say we have two personas – Change User and Change Manager. Both Change User and Change Manager can view and edit the cases, but when the case is in “In Progress” state, Change User is not allowed to update the target resolution date on the case.SetupBoth the personas – Change User and Change Manager share the same role in the role hierarchy. (I know realistically they should have different role, but in my scenario, this is what customer wants as it aligns with their organization structure). So the way to differentiate them is through permission set. As a result, I have created two permission sets – Change User and Change Manager. Assigned the permission sets to respective users. “In Progress” is a case status value and Target resolution date is a custom field on Case object.Problem facedTo implement the requirement that “Change User is not allowed to update the target resolution date on the case when the case is in In Progress state”, I need to write validation rule. But there is no way that you can check for logged in user’s assigned permission set in validation rule. There is a...

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How I cleared Sales Cloud Consultant Certification

Happy Wednesday!! I am happy to announce that I have cleared my Sales Cloud Consultant certification exam last week and that is my 11th Salesforce certification. In this post, I am going share my study notes hoping that it will help others.Before going into more details, let’s quickly understand what this certification is all about. Here is what we have from the Salesforce Exam Guide -With that quickly review of the exam outline -My two highly recommended study guidesTrailheadThe first thing that you need to complete is this Trailhead trail. This is must as it covers everything is a very structured way. Below is the link of the Trailhead trail”Prepare for Your Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Credential”Focus On ForceI highly recommend Focus On Force’s Sales Cloud Consultant Study Guide. They explained all the important concepts in a very easy way with lots of visuals. Visual representation always seems very helpful to me to understand the concept. You can go for their Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Practice Exams as well. The practice exams helps me to understand the sections where I need to put more focus while studying.My study notesSales ProcessRead it from here Common Sales Productivity featuresSalesforce from Microsoft or Google ApplicationsEmail Templates with Merge FieldsSalesforce AppDashboardNewsIncludes articles from last 30 days.Available on Business accounts, contacts, leads, and in the home page.Articles come from reputable english-language news sources.Lightning DialerEinstein Activity CaptureHigh Velocity Sales ( Cloud Add-ons...

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