Salesforce Labs published a new Lightning Web Component named “Timeline“. It will display the related records in a totally different way i.e. in a timeline fashion.

Nice to check out: 

I installed this in my developer org and this post is about how to configure this component.

Pre-requisite: Enhanced Email should be enabled in the org.

Here are the steps:

Permission Set 

Assign the permission set “Timeline User” to the users.

Update Timeline Configurations Page Layout

Open the Timeline Configuration Page Layout and in the related list – Timeline Child Objects, include the New button.

Create Timeline Configuration record

Let’s say we want to include this component in Account record page. So we will first create the Time Configuration record like below –

Create Timeline Child records

Let’s say we want to display Contact and Opportunities in Activity Timeline. So we will create two Timeline Child records like below –

Note – Here is the quip document explaining the field details. Link

Include the component – Activity Timeline in Account record page 

Here comes the new view of the related record

Observation(as of today): Fields are not getting displayed properly while expanding the individual items in the Activity Timeline. I informed Salesforce Labs Team about the issue. Will update this post based on the response.
Overall this is a very cool component published by Salesforce Labs and I am quite sure this will provide great addition to any implementation.