Salesforce supports multi currency. You can enable the same by going to Company Information and then checking the box – “Activate Multiple Currencies”. You need to read the below article before enabling multi currency.

Once done, you can enable Dated Exchange Rate to define the exchange rate for any kind of periods like month, quarter, year etc. To do that you can go to Company profile -> Manage Currencies

Now you can add the entries for dated exchange rates by clicking on the “Manage Dated Exchange Rates” button. And then click on “New Exchange Rates” button. Below images shows how to add dated exchange rates.

This dated exchange rates are used in Opportunities, Opportunity products and Opportunity Reports.

The object used to store this information is DatedConversionRate. You can run SOQL queries against this object to get the details –

SELECT IsoCode,ConversionRate,NextStartDate,StartDate FROM DatedConversionRate ORDER BY NextStartDate ASC

You can use Rest Explorer also to add/delete new DatedConversionRate like below –

Important Objects/Fields:

  • CurrencyType: This object stores the list of currencies used in the org when multi currency is enabled. If single currency is used in the org, then this object is not available.
  • DatedConversionRate: This object stores the dated exchange rates.
  • CurrencyIsoCode: This additional field is present in object which has current field and the org has multi-currency enabled.