In Summer 19 release, Salesforce introduces a new cool feature so that you can let your user celebrate when they reach certain stages in Sales path(or any path). This is a fun, visual way of celebrating success right from the Salesforce screen.

This idea came from an old blog post regarding building with path based component, where community liked the idea and Salesforce delivered this to us now. To me this is the power of Salesforce community.

So let’s configure this together –

Step 1

Enable path in your org.

Step 2

Click on New Path. Choose values as shown in the below screenshot. (You can select any values available).

Step 3

Click on Next and ant the next screen select Key fields for the Opportunity Stages. Click on Next.

Step 4

At this stage, enable on-screen confetti.

Step 5

Here, you can select which stage you want top celebrate. Select those picklist values. Also you can select the frequency of celebration. 
And finally click on Finish. That’s all you need to do to get this new cool feature.
Here is the video with step by step instructions –