Once again, the start of a brand new year has come upon us. As we enter into new possibilities, may we all be reminded that we have the ability to be, do, and have anything that we want; that there are no mistakes, only lessons; and that the love and happiness we seek is already within our grasp.  It’s easy to make resolutions and renew our commitments.

As we begin 2019, my prayer is that we continue to grow and find the space within ourselves to know, beyond all doubt, that there is nothing more that we need to do in order to be complete. We don’t need a new exercise plan, more money, a better job, a new car or a bigger house. All we need is a willingness to allow ourselves to feel good and to be at peace in the present moment. All we need is gratitude for all that we have, and all that we have had the pleasure to be and to experience. That is the starting point from which all other things will flow into our existence.
Thank you for the wonderful support that you have given me through the past year! Wishing you a wonderful new year!
2018 was great journey for me both professionally and personally. I would like to share some really important moments –
  • I left Cognizant and joined Appirio Inc., a Wipro company. Leaving Cognizant was really difficult for me, because Cognizant gave me all kind of supports during my Salesforce journey. So Cognizant will always remain special. But Appirio is a company I was always dreaming to be part of. Journey with Appirio is awesome. I met so many great colleagues who are not only great in Salesforce, but more that that, they are great human being. I am enjoying every bit of my Appirio journey.
  • I was feeling so bad leaving my Manulife team and I am still missing the team. I met the greatest team ever in Manulife. 
  • I went to Dreamforce’18. It was HUGEEEEEEE… Again thank you Appirio for giving me the opportunity to be part of Dreamforce.
  • I became leader of Kitchener, CA Developer Group and thank you to Salesforce for giving me the option to contribute to our Salesforce Ohana.
Events from Kitchener, CA Developer Group: