Salesforce introduced the new feature in Spring’17 – Salesforce Optimizer. This is really a nice tool which will evaluate your implementation in terms of the Salesforce features you are using and then identifies the ways to improve the implementation.

We all know that continuous improvement is very important, but in reality driving that continuous improvement sometimes becomes a challenging task. In my Salesforce experience, I faced the below problems when it comes to improvement –

  • I know I need to do improvement, but where is the time? Where to start from?
  • I really need trustworthy tools and guidance to help me driving the improvement
  • I need to convince business in terms of the importance of improvement.
  • I don’t want to go to bed every day with the worry that I may be missing something which might break my implementation tomorrow.
That’s quite a lot!! 
But now with Salesforce Optimizer, I have the answer to all of my doubts, questions.

Salesforce Optimizer is available in 
  • Classic and Lightning Experience
  • Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions
  • Sandbox and Production Environments.
To access Salesforce Optimizer, you need below permissions –
You can find the documentation here –
Salesforce Optimizer Documentation

You will find the Salesforce Optimizer under Setup | Monitor | Optimizer 

Once you click on the Optimizer, on the next page, you need to Launch Optimizer by clicking on the Launch button.

Salesforce will generate the report and send the report to your email address.

Once you will open the report, you will find the report on the below features –

If the implementation is as per the best practices, you will find –

If the implementation is not as per the best practices and needs improvement, you will find –

I really love this new initiative from Salesforce, though there are many scopes of improvements in terms of items to be covered in the report. It will be really great to have Apex Class, VisualForce Page, Test Class included in the report.

There is a success community where we can provide our feedbacks using #OptimizerReportFeedback.

Please let me know if you are using this new feature and what is your comment on this. 
Wishing you a nice weekend.