In my previous post, I have explained the basic concepts about Products and PriceBooks. You can read the post here – Products and Price Books in Salesforce.

Now in this post, I am going to explain the relationship between Product, Price Book and PricebookEntry. So let’s start with few basics.

  • Products are represented by Standard Object – Product2.
  • PriceBooks are represented by Standard Object – Pricebook2
  • Each Pricebook can have zero or more entries. Each of these entries are stored inside the Standard Object – PricebookEntry. Each entry in PricebookEntry defines the cost of the products in a particular currency.
  • These three objects – Product2, Pricebook2 and PricebookEntry will only be available if Product is enabled in the organization.
Data Model:
  • PricebookEntry is the junction object between Product and Price Book.
  • OpportunityLineItem is the junction object between Opportunity and PricebookEntry.

Below is the flow diagram depicting the process to load Products and setup PriceBook through API.

I hope this post will help you to understand the relationships between these objects. Please provide your feedback. Thanks.