Month: September 2016

Dynamic Apex – Sky is The Limit – Explained with Example

Today I am going to explain Dynamic Apex with examples. Dynamic Apex will help developer to create more flexible and robust application because with the help of Dynamic Apex, developer can access the sObject and field describe information, access Salesforce application information. Another great help is that with Dynamic Apex, developer can now write dynamic SOQL, SOSL and DML statements. So basically with dynamic apex, you have the magic wand in your hand.So without any further delay, let’s start the power of magic wand.Basics of Apex Describe:In order to get information about sObjects in Salesforce, you have two options – either use tokens or use describeSObjects Schema methods.Apex provides two data structures and a method for fetching information about sObjects and fields. They are listed below -Token – This is a lightweight, serializable reference to an sObject or a field that is validated at run time. Since they are lightweight, using them make your code faster and more efficient.The describeSObjects method – This method from the Schema class will perform the describe on sObject Types.Describe result – This is basically the object of  type Schema.DescribeSObjectResult which holds the result i.e. contains all the describe properties for the sObject or field. These objects are not serializable and validated always at runtime. Let’s get into more details before we jump into the examples -Schema Describe -Schema Describe is a way to programmatically...

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“Lightning Design System” Series || Part 1 || Introduction and Setup your environment to build Visualforce Page with Lightning Design System

The Salesforce User Experience team has come up with a great UI framework called Lightning Design System. The intention is to build application, visualforce pages with this framework which will comply with the new Salesforce lightning look and feel. And the best part is that you don’t need to play with CSS.Now you probably started thinking why I should go for this new Lightning Design System when I have Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation with which also I can achieve the same. The reason is very simple and they are as follows -With the use of this new Lightning Design System, your application or visualforce page will comply with the new Salesforce look and feel.It is a new design system and it is getting improved every day. So as long as you are referring the latest version of design system, you are getting most out of this new framework.The CSS is fully namespaced with slds- prefix which will avoid CSS conflicts.Ingredients of the Framework:Salesforce Lightning Design System framework comes with four types of resources.CSS Framework: This will contain UI components, such as page headers, form elements, buttons, grid layout system. This will come up with a single purpose helper class which will assist with spacing, sizing and other visual adjustments.Icons: Includes action, custom, standard and utility icons both in PNG and SVG format.Font: Salesforce designed a new font – Salesforce...

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