Few days back, Trailhead released 1 new trail and 6 new trailhead badges. All the tutorials are awesome. Last night, I have completed few of them and I am really impressed with the contents of the tutorials. To me, Salesforce’s Trailhead is the best online training material we can have to learn Salesforce.

I will explain what you will learn after completing these new modules.

Apex Integration Services –

While integrating Salesforce with other system, the key challenge for developers is the lack of knowledge regarding the different possibilities available to integrate force.com platform with external systems. 

This new module is providing the easy step by step approach to learn the options available. The exercises are really challenging and it is highly recommended to crack the exercises to make sure you understood he concept clearly.

Apex REST, SOAP and Web Services are explained in really great way. Though Trailhead is telling that it will take 2 hours to complete this module, but I recommend to understand the concept very clearly and crack the exercises even if it is taking longer than 2 hours for you.

Advance Formulas –
This module is truely amazing. I think once you complete this module, understand the concept, practice the examples and crack the exercises, you can mark yourself Salesforce Formula Expert. 

This module is part of the new Trailhead trail – Advanced Admin. As part of this module, you will write few cool validation rules and some complex formulas. This module comes with a very important thing – debugging the formulas, some really complex formulas.

Salesforce recommends a little less than 3 hours will be required to complete this module. Once you complete this module, you will have few complex but important formulas available to you, you know where to go in case of any help required, how to follow coding standard, how to debug formulas. 

I would recommend you to install a chrome extension “Salesforce.com Enhanced Formula Editor” which will automatically enhance the formula text area with the Edit Area code editor. This extension is developed by Kyle. You can install it from here.

Salesforce Lightning Modules –
Apart from above two modules, you can enhance your lightning knowledge with two new modules.
Lighting is the future of Salesforce. With these two new modules, you will get to know how chatter works in Lightning experience and how to import/export data using data loader/import wizard.

Battle Station App –
With this module, you will understand the basic of Salesforce platform by building an Battle Station App. There is another interesting part of this module. If you complete this module before 31st December’15, you can get cool prizes also. 
The project will teach you how to create apps, build custom objects and fields, write business logic using process builder and workflows, how to create reports and dashboards and finally how to use SF1 mobile app to expose the functionality for mobile devices.

I would request each of you to check these modules. Enjoy learning Salesforce through Trailhead. And please post your completed badges screenshot. Now you can link those with your LinkedIn profile also. Here is mine Trailhead profile –

Finally wishing you all Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016