Salesforce introduces Trailhead – a fun way to learn Salesforce. It doesn’t matter whether you are Salesforce Admin or Salesforce developer, there are bunch of modules available for your based on your career path. The more modules you complete, you will get more badges and those badges will be attached to your profile. So you can see yourself going stronger and stronger day by day. That is the primary goal of using Salesforce Trailhead – Make yourselves a better Salesforce Admin or a better Salesforce Developer.

To achieve your goal, Salesforce Trailhead team recently introduces three new admin modules –

Out of these above three modules, the module which really looks very interesting to me is the Event Monitoring module. I immediately jumped into it and completed the same. Once completed, I have realized the power of event monitoring. Monitoring event is so important to a Salesforce Admin. In my daily day to day to work, I normally receive so many requests which now I can answer quickly with the help of event monitoring.

Let me tell you what makes this module so interesting.

This module consists of three sub modules as shown below –

The first sub-module – Get Started with Event Monitoring –
This sub-module explains the basic like what is event monitoring, what are different types of events present, use cases where event monitoring should be used. But the key part of this sub-module is: the API first approach. This event monitoring is an API only feature. You will not get this feature inside setup area. It explains in which object event logs are stored and how you can retrieve the same.

Like any other modules in Trailhead, this module is also having an area – which I normally call – “Judge yourself”. You have to answer few multiple choice questions and if successful you will get 100 points.

Once I have completed this sub-module and earned my 100 points, it inspired me even more to go to the next sub-module Query Event Log Files

The second sub-module – Query Event Log Files –
This module is one for which I was waiting – how to query event log files. This module will explain what is API first approach. This module also explains how we can query an EventLogFile object using SOQL and REST explorer. Another important part of this sub-module is that it compares SOAP and REST APIs for querying event log files.

This sub-module also comes with multiple choice questions, but the questions are getting harder here. So you need to read the questions and answers very carefully to choose the right answer. At the end of this, you be awarded with 100 points.

The final sub-module – Download and Visualize Event Log Files   –
This module is having many information, so completing this module is not possible in 15 mins. At least it took 45 mins for me to complete this sub-module. This module describes the structure of the downloaded event log files, how to read the downloaded file. As downloaded event log file can have many information which may be you are not interested, so this sub-module will explain how to extract only the important information from downloaded log file. This sub-module comes with multiple choice questions (mainly programmatic questions) and same like other sub-modules, here also you will be awarded 100 point upon completion.

Finally – I received the badge on my profile. I would request all to complete this module and make yourself a better admin/developer.