Preface – This post is part of “WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration with” series.

What is WebSphere Cast Iron –
WebSphere Cast Iron provides customers a platform so that they can integrate cloud based applications from leading SaaS providers with on-premise applications. IBM acquired Cast Iron system in the year of 2010.

WebSphere Cast Iron Live is a multi-tenant, cloud based platform for Integration cloud application with other cloud applications/on-premise applications. 

WebSphere Cast Iron is available in three different packages –

  • In an applianceWebSphere Cast Iron DataPower XH40 is a self-contained physical appliance.
  • In the mode of Virtual MachineWebSphere Cast Iron Hypervisor Edition.
  • In cloudWebSphere Cast Iron Live.

How to get access in WebSphere Cast Iron –

You can try WebSphere Cast Iron Live for 30 days without any cost. 

Cast Iron Solution Guides –
Please have a look at the below Solutions guides. 
Integrating Two Cloud Services with IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Live Redbook:
Getting Started with IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration 

In my next post, I will start with first Use Case i.e. WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration – HTTP Receive and Send.

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