Last week, I have cleared Salesforce Certified Administrator certification. It is really a great feeling after passing the certification. In this post, I would like to share the few information so that you can also make yourself ready for the certification. 
  • First of all – go through the Study Guide This is very important and it will give you a very good idea about the certification.
  • Then if you / your organisation is having partner portal access, then I think you are really lucky. Go through the below training from Salesforce partner portal.
    • Administrative Essentials for New Admins (This is a must)
    • Analyze Your Data Your Way with Reports + Summarize Your data with Highlights, Charts and Dashboards (This is another important one. Reports and Dashboard are having 13% weighting so you can expect good amount of questions from this section)
    • Administrative Essentials for the Service Cloud (Understand Case Management – How to automate Case Management, Solution Management etc.)
    • Configure Salesforce with Custom Fields (If you are already Dev 401 certified, then this section will be very easy for you. Otherwise keep your concentration tight when going through this training)
    • Managing Users and Troubleshooting Login Issues (I highly recommend everyone to go through this training. It will be very short training, very interesting one. Surely you will get few questions from this section)
    • Getting Started with Managing Data (Understand the difference between Data Loader and Import Wizard, When to use what?. Again 100% you will get few questions from this section.)
    • Customizing Profiles to Align with Your Business Needs (This is the section where you should go through the business scenarios and answer how implement the business needs. This section is the very very important to make yourself successful as Salesforce Admin. I recommend to go though this training and as well as go through multiple dumps available to understand multiple business scenarios. But don’t just memorize the answer, use your development org to implement the business need. That’s the best way you can learn).
    • Getting a Head Start with Chatter 
    • Salesforce Mobile.
  • Apart from that you should consider below stuffs also –
  • Finally go through the below flashcards –

Important – Don’t just go through the study material. Try to understand why the concept is there in Salesforce? Question yourself. Always STAY HUNGRY.

Wishing you all very best of luck for your certification. If you need any help, please let me know. Thanks.