Automation in Solution is another important topic. It is actually used to let the Solution Manager know that a new Solution is created in the organisation. We can have a look how we can automate this process with workflow. Again I always believe in Use Cases as use cases are the best way to understand a concept in Salesforce. So here comes the Use Case –
Use Case
In the organisation “XYZ Corporation”, Jonathan Sasse is the Solution Manager. He should be notified through an email every time a new Solution is created in the organisation.
  • Create a new email template first with the name “New Solution notification to Solution Manager” as – 
  • Create Workflow Rule
    • Click on Setup | Build | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Workflow Rules.
    • Click Continue.
    • Click New Rule.
    • Choose Solution from the dropdown for the object and click on Next.
    • Select Rule Name as “Notify Solution Manager” and put description as “Workflow rule to notify Solution Manager when a new rule is created.“.
    • Under Evaluation Criteria, selected Created radio button.
    • Under Rule Criteria, select Run this rule if the following criteria are met
    • Choose Solution: Solution Status equals Draft as shown below –
    • Click Save & Next.
    • Click Add Workflow Action | New Email Alert
    • Put “Send email to Solution Manager” as description. Then select the newly created email template i.e. New Solution notification to Solution Manager.
    • For Recipient Type Search for User and select Jonathan Sasse from the available recipients.
    • Click on Save.
  • Recommendation: Since sending an email is done through Workflow, there is no way to track this activity. So it is always better to create a task with status “Completed“, assigned to Solution Manager. This should be done as a Workflow action and intention is to track that email was send to the Solution Manager.
  • Finally click on Done and click on Activate to activate the Workflow Rule.

Done. Any feedback, please let me know. Thanks.