Solution Process is a very important concept introduces by Salesforce. Solution Process is used to control the steps the user should follow for solution review. I believe to understand Solution Process in a better way, we should proceed with use cases. But before we jump into the use case, we need to understand the record types in Solution. Record Type plays a very important role in Solution Process. Record Types allows to identify what the picklist values should be available to the user and what page layout a user should see.

Ok let’s start with the Use case below –

Use Case
We have in the organisation named “XYZ Corporation” two types of Solutions – Functional Solution and Technical Solution. Below are the requirements –
Functional Solutions –

  • All Functional Solution should go through the below status values –
    • Draft
    • Reviewed by Functional Lead
    • Reviewed by Functional Head
    • Published

Technical Solutions –

  • All Technical Solution should go through the below status values –
    • Draft
    • Reviewed by Technical Lead
    • Published
  • Create a custom field names “
    Solution Status” 

    to include the possible values as per the requirement. Below is the screenshot –

  • Create the Solution Process by –
    • Click on Setup | Customize | Solutions | Solution Processes 
    • Click on New Button.
    • Enter Solution Process name as “XYZ Solution Review Process” and add description as “This is the Solution Review Process for the XYZ Corporation”.
    • Click on Save Button.
    • Here choose the values. These are the possible values a User can choose during Solution Process. Choose Draft as the default value. Then click on Save Button.
  • Now create the Record Types
    • Click on Setup | Customize | Solutions | Record Types
    • Click on New Button.
    • Make Record Type Label as “Functional Solution”. Record Type Name will be automatically get selected.
    • Choose “XYZ Solution Review Process” in Solution Process.
    • Write “Functional Solution record type” in the description.
    • Make sure Active checkbox is on and for the simplicity choose Enable for all profiles.
    • In the next page, choose the page layout. (Important – This is the step, where you can assign different layout to different record types also).
    • Click on Save button.
    • Repeat the same for “Technical Solution” record type also.
    • Finally it should look like –
    • Now choose the allowed Solution Status for Functional Solution by-
      • Click on the Function Solution Record Type.
      • Click Edit next to Solution Status field which will appear under Picklist available for Editing section.
      • Choose only allowed picklist values as per the use case as shown below –
      • Select Draft as the default value and click on Save Button.
      • Repeat the same for “Technical Solution” as well.

So we are done. Now let’s check –

  • If we click on the New button for creating a new Solution, we are asked to choose the type of solution as below –
  • Now if we choose Functional Solution, then available Solution Status is also as per the Use Case as shown below –
  • And if we choose Technical Solution, then available Solution Status is also as per the Use Case as shown below –
Great!! So we have successfully implemented the use case through Solution Process. Just to add here, with Record Type and Solution Process, you can add different page layouts to different Solution Processes.
In my next post, I have discussed about Solution Categories. Click here to check.
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