Solution in Salesforce is nothing but the detailed description of customer issues along with their solutions. The intention of the concept “Solution” in Salesforce is to make the service provided to customers quicker and efficient. Salesforce comes with a Solution tab from which is a centralised repository of all the solutions. From this tab only Sales Rep can easily search solutions and provides quick service to customer – leading more customer satisfaction.

Solution Managers, Administrator and users with appropriate permission can create, review and categorise solutions. They can publish solution to Self – Service Portal and make the solution Public.

Note – 
  • By default, Solutions are created and displayed in text. But you can make it in HTML by –
    • Click Setup | Customize | Solutions | Solution Settings
    • Click on Edit button
    • Select the checkbox “Enable HTML Solutions“. (Important: Once HTML Solution is enabled, it can’t be disabled).
  • Solution support multilingual support. You can enable it by –
    • Click Setup | Customize | Solutions | Solution Settings
    • Click on Edit button
    • Select the checkbox “Enable Multilingual Solutions“.

Solution Manager  A Solution Manager is the member of the organisation who can review, edit, public Solutions to Self Service Portal or public knowledge base. You can make a User a Solution Manager by –

  • Click on Setup | Manager Users | Users.
  • Click Edit next to the user.
  • Select Solution Manager from the profile picklist.
  • Click on Save.
There is another way of granting a user “Solution Manager” by creating permission set and assigning the below permissions – “Import Solutions”, “Manage Categories”, “Manage Published Solutions”. Check the below picture –
The standard “Solution Manager” profile doesn’t include “Manage Categories” permission. So you need to add the permission set for that. I always prefer to use Permission Set for granting a User Solution Manager permission.

Suggested Solutions – Suggested Solution is great way for Sales Rep to find the available Solutions for the cases they are viewing/working. You can enable Suggested Solutions by –

  • Click Setup | Customize | Solutions | Solution Settings
  • Click on the Edit button.
  • Select Enable Suggested Solutions and click on Save.

In my next post, I have discussed about Solution Processes. Click here to check that. If you have any feedback, please let me know. Thanks.