There are many ways how you can install polymer. But I prefer the recommended way i.e. Installing with Bower. Bower is a very powerful tool which manages all your dependencies. So when you will install Polymer, all dependencies will be installed automatically. You don’t need to install them one by one. At the same time, Bower handles any future update also.

Below are the steps you need to do –

  1. Install Node and npm first from
  2. Install Git from
  3. Once you have installed Node and npm, Git, install Bower by issuing the below command –
  4. npm install -g bower
  5. Once done, Bower is installed in your machine.
  6. You need to create bower.json file for your application. Run the below command from root of your project (It will ask few questions which are very much self explanatory)-
  7. bower init

  8. Now install Polymer by –
  9. bower install --save Polymer/polymer

  10. That’s all. 
Note: In order to update, issue the command bower update.