In this post, I will show how you can create a progress bar just using formula field in Salesforce. No coding required.

The requirement is that for “Job Application” object, we have a picklist called “Status” which is having the values as –

Based on the value chosen in pick list, we need to display the progress bar showing the progress of Job Application. So let’s do that –
Step 1 –
We need to upload two image files as Static Resources first. 
Yellow bar –
Green bar –
Step 2 –
Create a field called in the Job Application object which will calculate the progress based on the values chosen in the Status field. The screenshot given below –
Step 3 –
Create another formula field to display the progress. The detail of the field is given below –
Let’s check how our Job Application page looks like –
When Status = ‘New’ –
When Status = ‘Review Resume’
When Status = ‘Phone Screen’
When Status = ‘Schedule Interview’
When Status = ‘Extend an offer’
When Status = ‘Hired’ / ‘Rejected’
Great. Any feedback, please let me know. Thanks.