A folder is a place where you can store your reports, dashboards, documents, or email templates. Folders can be –

    • Public 
    • Hidden
    • Shared
    • Read-only
    • Read/Write

Roles, permissions, public groups and license types decide who has access to the folder. As an administrator/owner, you can make a folder Public(means your entire organisation can view that folder) or Private(means only you can view that folder).

  • To access Document folder, you need to click on the Document Tab. A document library is a place where you should store all your files without attaching them to accounts, contacts, opportunities or with other records. Each document in the document library resides in a folder. The folder’s permission determines the folder’s accessibility and also the documents inside it.
  • To access Email Template folder, click Communication Templates | Email Templates.
  • To access Report folder, click Reports Tab.
  • To access Dashboard folder, click Dashboards Tab. 
User Permission needed:
  • To create/edit/delete public document folder:              “Manage public documents”
  • To create/edit/delete public email template folder:       “Manage public templates”
  • To create/edit/delete public report folder:                    “Manage public reports”
  • To create/edit/delete public dashboard folder:             “Manage public dashboards” and “View All Data”
Few points to remember:
  • If the folder access is set to “Read/Write”, then only you can modify the content of a folder.
  • Only users with “Manage public documents”/”Manage public templates” can delete or change a Read Only folder.
  • Regardless of permissions or folder settings, user can’t edit any unfiled or personal folders.
  • You can only delete a folder which is empty.
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