Use Case:
I have three objects-
·         Application User
·         Bank
·         Credit Card.
Application User is having master detail relationship with both Bank and Credit Card where in both the cases Application User is on the master side and Bank/Credit Card are on the details side.

Schema is as below –
Now when I click on the Credit Card tab, I would like to display the Application User’s detail in the list. So I need to credit a new view to include the Application User detail. I did that (View Name: All Credit Card)and below is what I can see-
Now the problem is – with the above view, from “Credit Card Holder” column, I am not able to identify the Application User. I need to click on individual “Credit Card Holder” entry to go to the details page of the Application User object and then identify the user. OMG!!! Definitely not a good and efficient way. We have to be smart. So let’s think about something innovative –
Why not display the “LastName, FirstName” in the Credit Card Holder column so that from this page only, I can understand the owner of the Credit Card. Great good idea. Let’s see how we can do that –
Let’s create a formula field which will fetch the Application User’s LastName and FirstName and populate like below-
Now let’s add the field in the previously created view i.e. All Credit Card. Let’s see what I have achieved –
WoW!!! Much better. Now I am able to identify who is the owner of a particular credit card. Great.
But Noooo!!! Another problem – now from this page, I can’t go to Application User’s detail page because my entries in the column “Credit Card Holder Name” are not links any more. I need to fix that. Let’s see –
Why not create another formula field to make the text clickable so that when user clicks on the link, the detail view of that particular user can be displayed. Let’s do that –
Now let’s add the newly created field in the previously created view i.e. All Credit Card. Let’s see what I have achieved –
Now user can easily click on the Credit Card Owner hyperlink to view the details of the particular Application User.
Please share your feedback on this. Thanks in advance.