Month: October 2014

How to create Chatter Free and Chatter External Users

There are two ways by which we can create Chatter Free or Chatter External Users. They are -Administrator can create a new user record and select Chatter Free or Chatter External from User License picklist like -Administrator can enable Chatter settings -Coworker Invitations – For users to invite coworkers as Chatter Free Users.Customer Invitations – For inviting customers as Chatter External Users.P.S. Users can accept an invitation to join chatter within 30...

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Different Chatter Licenses in Salesforce

In Salesforce, we have two types of Chatter Licenses. Below are they and small description to help you in choosing Salesforce Chatter license appropriate for your requirement.Chatter Free License: User with Chatter Free License can access people, profiles, groups and files. They can make posts, view comments, upload & view files, join groups. But they can’t interact with Salesforce data such as accounts, contacts or opportunities.So if you have a requirement of allowing people to only join groups, view/participate in conversation, please allow Chatter Free License to those people.Chatter External License: Chatter External License allows people outside the organization, such as customer, into private groups in the Chatter community. Users with Chatter External License can – see the groups they belong to, and profiles of members of those groups.share files common to groups they belong.Customers with Chatter External License can only be invited to a private Chatter group.They can see-Groups and profiles of the members of groups they belong to.Files shared to groups they belong toThey cannot-Post to profiles.See records or other Salesforce information, even in search results.Be followed. Additionally, customer can’t follow people or files also.So if you have a requirement of allowing people outside of your organization i.e. your customers to join specific groups, please allow Chatter External License to those...

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Standard Chatter Profiles in Salesforce

In Salesforce, we have Standard Chatter Profiles. These profiles are available to those users with Chatter Free or Chatter External User licenses. These profiles allow user to login to Chatter only.Below are the Standard Chatter Profiles available -Chatter Free User Profile:  User with Chatter Free User Profile can access all standard chatter people, profiles, groups and files. User can make posts, leave comments, upload files and join groups. They have limited administrative and general user permission and that is why they are not allowed to access any Salesforce’s object details. This profile is available to users having Chatter Free User license.Chatter Moderator User Profile: Access same data as Chatter Free Users. They can activate/deactivate other Chatter Free users/moderators. They can grant/revoke moderator privileges. They can delete posts and comments which they can see. This profile is available to users having Chatter Free User license.Chatter External User Profile: User will this profile can access groups they have been invited to and interact with members of that groups. This profile normally assigns to external customers so that they can quickly make posts, leave comments or provide feedback. Please provide your feedback. Thanks in...

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Standard Profiles available in Salesforce

There are 6 standard profiles available in Salesforce (EE/UE and PE). They are -Standard User – Can view, edit, and delete their own recordsSolution Manager – Standard User permissions + Can manage published solutions + Can manage categoriesMarketing User – Standard User permissions + Can import leads for the organizationContract Manager – Standard User permissions + Can edit, approve, activate, and delete contractsRead-Only – Can only view recordsSystem Administrator – “Super User”, can customize and administer the applicationFor more details, please refer the below help topics...

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Calculate Age from Date of Birth in Salesforce

Below formula can be used to calculate age from date of birth in Salesforce -IF( NOT(ISNULL(BirthDate)), /* Condition to check to make sure BirthDate is not null */ TEXT(FLOOR((TODAY()-BirthDate)/365.2425)) & ” year(s) ” & TEXT(FLOOR(MOD((TODAY()-BirthDate),365.2425)/30)) & ” month(s)”, /* Value IF True */ “” /* Value IF False...

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